First Jump On The Stump

I have been looking forward to kicking off this blog for some time now. I've gone through a couple of hard years that postponed the inevitable. But here I am and here it is! I do look forward to meeting some (intelligent) folks through this experience!

Here we go... First jump on the stump!

May Day will take on a whole new meaning in the U.S. The day President Obama announced he was the sitting president when our Navy Seals took out the west's most wanted man. Yeah Obama made the decision, called "gutsy" by some, consider a no-brainer for the rest of us. I was glad to hear I'm not the only one that thought his announcement of bin Laden's demise sounded somewhat of a campaign speech. Don't'cha hate how these career politicians are so quick to take credit when they get something so obviously right?! It doesn't matter which side of the aisle they sit on either. We're all thankful everything went right in this operation. If this mission would have went horribly wrong I wouldn't have blamed the President. We knew where bin Laden was, we had to go after him. But ya know?... nothing gets done until someone gets it done. The men that got this done willingly put their lives on the line. This is one middle class Marine Corps vet that's giving the credit where its due... the (non-existent) Seal Team 6 (sshhhh!). I believe I speak with the majority of Americans and freedom loving peoples everywhere when I say... thank you boys for the love of your country and the dedication to duty you fella's hold in cultimating the largest manhunt in human history!

FBI's Most Wanted List Pic
Should we have access to bin Laden's death pictures? Of course! The American tax payers funded the search for this man that topped the FBI's most wanted list for years... since President George W. Bush announced this man was "...wanted, dead or alive." How much is that you ask? The National Journal has it at, are you ready for this?... $3 Trillion Over 15 years! Has any single human being done that much damage to any nation's treasury? The tax payers (could we call them share holders here?!) have a right to see the pictures. I'm sure we paid for the camera too! Do we have to look at these pictures if we have no desire to? No, of course not. Should we consider how it will upset other terrorists or their sympathizers? Hell no! They've seen we have the ability to take out even the most elusive of them. It may take some time but the word should be out, we will hunt your murderous asses down! Americans have a right to these pics and the president should be more concerned about what Americans want over fears of how it will affect non-Americans. If an American, especially any relatives and/or friends of this fiend's victims, wants to see the pictures of him with a hole where his right eye use to be and a hole blown in the back of his head should have access to it. We shouldn't have to settle for bin Ladens page on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists site.

Justice for the attacks this man did on us as a nation has been done. The head of Al-Qaeda has been, for the time being anyways... taken out.

Thank God!

Loose Ends: 
What did Pakistan officials know of bin Laden's location?
How many press releases does it take for the White House to get out accurate information?
Who's next to top the Most Wanted Terrorists list?
Is hearing bin Laden's dead enough for the victim's survivors?
When will the military stop using Native American names in code negatively? 

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 - Published 06/01/2011
Bless You Boys!!!