Another Day!

This is actually a reprint from a story I published on my old Yahoo 360 blog from February 01,2006. It was also published in a small local newspaper I was trading a column in exchange for an ad for my satellite TV service I was doing at the time. Ever since I wrote this "Another Day!" has always been the greeting on whatever phone I've had. I don't mind telling you... If I didn't have this attitude? I'd have given up a loooong time ago!

A Smoky Mountain Sunrise
The sun comes up. The sun goes down. Depending on your situation either can be good, bad, exciting, depressing, a life changing event or just another daily occurrence. It either takes too long, doesn’t last long enough or missed all together. One thing’s for sure. Until we’re given further notice, it will happen on a daily basis!

Don’t you love those days when everything seems to be firing on all cylinders? You know, when absolutely nothing is going wrong? When you’re hitting all the lights green. Every song you hear is a song you really like. The dog takes a dump in the neighbor’s yard. Even your kids are doing everything you tell them! Those days don’t last long enough! And when they do end, you lie in bed on your back feeling so hot with the joy of being alive you could rip your chest open to let out that laser beam burning inside you! But that would rip through the roof illuminating the night sky and throw the roosters off so you just lie there, quietly enjoying the experience because you know it sure ain’t gonna last long enough!

Then there’s the ever day kind of days. The one’s that pretty much fill up our lives. You get up at the same time, go through what ever routine you’re in at that stage of your life, enjoying the good things, cussing the bad things (under your breath of course!). Doing your part to “Git-R-Dun”.

If you’re having a bad one all ya gotta do is hang in there and you will get a new one to start over with! Tough at times believe me I know. And I know you know. There have been times we’ve all wished the day were shorter, that it couldn’t end quick enough. But it also makes us thankful they’re not twice as long! Or worse! That hangin’ in there part may get tough at times, but I’ve noticed if you get through it correctly it does build character. Must be working. There’s quite a few folks out there have made mention of my being some kind of character! But we’re not going to get that descriptive here! Let’s just say I’m not one of those that suffer from insanity. I’m enjoying every friggin’ minute of it! 

Days? I’d say they’re just about the right length. Pretty cool how God gave us days. The cooler thing is, for the most part anyways, its up to you how your day goes! Now…, your mission…., should you choose to accept it, is…, go do something with what’ s left of this one!


- Published 06/09/2011