Oh I'm Glad I'm Not A Dem-o-cra-tic Weeeeiner

Anthony D. Wiener. Giving us another reason why Americans have little confidence in politicians. Its bad enough the guy's a congressman sending inappropriate pics of hisself to what he's assumed from the start was women, but the guy's married. Married to a woman a little less than a year and carrying her first baby! That's what gets to me! If he doesn't have the natural concern what this behaviour would do to his wife, how can he say he really gives a flyin' rat's ass about his constituents? I believe there is no standard adhered to anymore... especially in politics... that even comes close to raising yourself to a higher level before you attempt to assist others in doing so. I don't know much about the guy other than what I've pulled up from his house page. It sounds like he's been involved and helped some folks but what it really tells me is here's another example of what's wrong with the system... He's another career politician. Not taking his responsibilities as serious as I'd hope he once did.

How can I determine he's not taking his responsibilities seriously? HE LIED ABOUT! Tried to worm his way out of it. And is still maintaining he didn't violate... anything. Ya think that maybe, just maybe he misjudged the situation? Huh?

I'd say he definitely misjudged the situation in his attempt to sweep it away saying, "The matter was undeserving of further attention." As of this writing, the Delaware police are going over a 17-year-old high school student female's computer to confirm he didn't send any inappropriate pictures to her! And we're up to finding out about 5 sexting partners.

Did he break any laws? I'm sure we'll find out sooner or later. But ya know folks?... Why is it even an issue with those that choose to call themselves "our leaders?" They are legislators. That's all! Do they balance their own damn household budgets? Who's gonna take credit for "leading" our nation to a less than stellar economy? Granted its been sliding for generations but the downward spiral can be stopped! Get back to what's proven to work!

Who was it that said something along the lines of, "Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it?"

 Did he really expect to not get caught? That this wouldn't hurt his wife and disappointment many? Has he not heard the sultry details we've all been exposed to of those that have had scandals before him? Here's a clue congressman. If you have to hide something you're doing from those that love you and those you love... maybe, just maybe... ya shouldn't do it!

Ya ever notice?... These situations always seem to play out the same way. First the leak, then the denials. The proof comes in and they admit it (usually a rather tearful event). Then they disappear, get therapy, write a book and are forever remembered as less than they ever imagined.

He may not have broken any laws. That's apparently all that matters to those who lack virtue among us. Not leadership qualities.

I can see how our national attitude of being politically correct, showing no discrimination, always be tolerant affects the judgment of some. They're all ready expecting forgiveness and acceptance before they even commit any inappropriate act. The same kind of thinking that some go into marriage with. If it doesn't work out we'll divorce. Two more steps backwards from the healthy, disciplined growth of the human mind. Not leadership qualities.

Or maybe they get so caught up in themselves the selfishness won't allow them to escape living in the present. Not leadership qualities. 

C'mon people. Can we learn something here? Can we live up to that ol' Will Rogers saying? Goes kinda like... Live your life like you wouldn't be afraid to sell your parrot to the town gossip...

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- Published 06/03/2011