Budget Battle?

(This post is speakin' to my fellow Americans although I pray any of our oversees friends that see us slipping as a nation and read this... take heart! There are those among the American people that are not as lazy and ignorant as we may be portrayed as in your press! There is a love for country and freedom here! This post is proof of that!)

Our federal "budget battle." The way the media describes this situation sounds hostile! Which it is on so many fronts. If how this "budget battle" has been goin' on weren't so true it'd be funny. But then it could be funny cuz it is so true! The ways our wise guys' in office in D.C process anything anymore really is just puzzling. And sad. It's sad in that the difference in the direction these two major political parties that occupy most of the seats in the Congress of our nation should take is so divided... that we're not more... "united". I'm confident there will be a compromise but why is that? Why aren't we more united in what's good for our nation? Is there such a strong push to take us away from the simplicity that is the U.S. Constitution that we just can't resist?  Or is it a conspiracy designed to bring the freest nation on earth to it knees? Or is it that we, as a nation, are so willing to fund so many promises to bring paradise on earth that we're willing to dance on the edge of disaster? Hell if I know. But I know this! Many U.S. citizens are embarrassed, upset and disgusted as can be seen by NBC Nightly News' FB page poll, "What do you think of Washington’s handling of the debt crisis? Fed up? Pleased? Anxious?" (An unscientific poll yes, and although the "scientific" ones can be good sources to get a feel for the American mood, depending on the originator of the poll these polls can be tailored to get specific premeditated results. I seem to prefer a platform that allows individuals to jump up on a stump for their turn ta holler. And ya'll are welcome to do so here!) This disapproval is non partisan and not new. As shown by a comment thread started by one AngelAmongUs/American Patriot (whom I'll assume is female) on SodaHead .com on November 15, 2010. It really seems a shame that politics have become so partisan, that there is not more community thinking rooted into the simplicity of the basic freedom craved by every human heart. And! The simplicity it takes to enjoy it! That my friend... is where the trouble lies! With that in mind, let me tell you what many call "political leaders" I will refer to as a politician, a lawmaker, anything but a "leader".

I understand the dream of wanting to "create" a government that "creates" a perfect way of governing... and it would be way cool! From a hippie point of view BUT PEOPLE!!! IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!! It will seem like it to those that live in the time the book of Revelation speaks of but that ain't us! (Biblical Research Principal "Get To Whom Correct - Administrations") And we don't hafta make our nation the next best experiment towards that goal. Any man made form of governing is control. The founding of the United States of America was based on the exact opposite. Some of this founding is based on...  "they (we) are endowed by their (our) Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". The intent of the Fathers of our nation was to empower the citizen. Empower with freedom the individual citizen... laid out and guarantied by The United States Constitution, enforced by the President of The United States. The United States Constitution and it's Bill of Rights is the written standard of how our citizens are empowered. How we are to govern ourselves. Within this system ideas are to be encouraged by men and women we send there as our representative that we entrust to know what is best for our district, having the ability to see "the bigger picture" of our stake in this nation. These ideas are to be thought through, proposed and... as it should be... debate follows. And once a decision is made we abide by it. If we feel it's not right we change it within the system. And since the system allows for armed uprising against that which we feel is intolerable, it cannot fail. It's not the system that is failing us in any issue. It's the fault of the individuals of our nation. We are the ones that send our representatives to D.C. If we continue to send those that are not at least students of U.S. history along with the other strengths they bring I can see where we are doomed to make unnecessary mistakes in our application of what is our written standard of our governing ourselves, the U.S. Constitution. Mistakes can be costly! Just take a look around! Why won't what has worked in our recent past be put into place? It worked for Kennedy, a Democrat and it worked for Reagan, a Republican. CUT TAXES!!! When Americans have more money to spend, they spend it. Duhhhhh! But think of it! If we sent people as our representatives, disciplined in their thinking to the point they can see more than the five senses allows and can accurately utilize the voices of the founding fathers as a guide we could stop this apparent downward spiral! 

Hey! A fella can dream, can't he?!

The reasons why voter's vote seems sooo  complex and... a whole 'nuther story! But... Just step back from how you look at politics... just a step, and think it through with the filter of The U.S. Constitution. Of what is written on how we are to govern ourselves. Remember, or read up on, the intent of the men that formed this union. Take a good look and I'm sure you'll see what I see... The federal government has grown too big. Look at it! It has too many reaches into the individuals' life. It has become burdensome to its citizens. Too many have become and too many have been dependent on it. Do any of us want to be taxed any additionally? This economy isn't going to turn around until more people have more of their own money to spend as they see fit! Do we really need to be so militarily involved in other countries? It's their country! Stop throwing our lives and our treasury at them! Offer them statehood or get out! And why aren't we utilizing more of our own resources! Aaarrrggghhh!

*takin' a moment to breathe! Ok... *

Both major political parties (that we put in power) are responsible for the growth of the federal government... Or from another point of view... Didn't limit their power! Good lord ya'll! Congress is passing bills without reading them! The more a government grows, the less freedom you have people! These United States of America were never intended to serve its federal government or to be forced to serve each other or say who's entitled to what. Who the hell are they to give themselves benefits the rest of us can't even dream of having ourselves?! The government is to serve us by providing us an environment that we, the people, may secure God's blessings. I don't know about you... and I do love my country... but my country ain't my God! And neither are its politicians! I don't look to them to take care of my need and I won't. We need to demand excellence of these political parties by sending quality men and women to hold these offices that represent our best interests as citizens... and hold them accountable! The election process of how we choose those to fill these seats has devolved into a popularity contest for the majority of Americans. If they even care to vote. But that ain't gotta be us! Those of us that give a shaved rat's butt! There is much knowledge and so many ways to access it gives us no excuse to not know. If we're interested in something, we learn it. If you're passionate about it you live it.

Look. I can understand the Tea Party's desire to not raise the debt limit, which seems to be the issue that is holding up getting the next budget in place at this gittin'-ta-be late hour. It's basic economics, sure. Draw the line. It's what any business or individual would have to do. Personal and business finances are considered very healthy with little or no debt. Very logical. But when was the last time you heard of a beltway politician gittin' accused of being logical?! They have the power to make the rules. In this case, how much more credit the nation will give itself, how much more the nation may sink into debt. On our backs! Can you imagine the state of our nation would be if we all had that power to extend our own credit?... To the stars?! Congress must get back to fiscal responsibility and stop laying so much on the citizens... the citizens they answer to! I know, I know. Before you jump outta yer seat I'll say it... congress folks have been saying that for generations!

I hate to use this analogy but it fits. Congress has become dependent on how they can change the rules (which is the only way they can save their asses!), they, as a collective... are addicts to the power available to them through us in their misguided effort to "promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty..." and crave the attention and approval they seek for themselves from men. Congress are as junkies. Anyone familiar with addiction can tell you, a junkie's thinking is not sound. And any doctor can tell you, a slow treatment of withdraw from the addiction is best. They have to raise the debt. Sad but yes. They have to have their fix. But can we please take a stand right here, right now and get back to being more responsible fiscally?! Do any of these politicians have an idea how to get us back in the black?! I didn't say balanced! I said makin' a profit!!! We. You. I. All of us need to get more involved in the political process. We can put an end to this Congressional squabbling that leads to nowhere 16 months from now! I would encourage you to be aware of what's goin' down in the Capitol Building. And in these politician's personal lives. Yeah I said it!... and it holds! And their personal lives! If they can't be responsible and faithful in their personal lives then they have no place in politics! (It should be that way anyways! lmao!) Stay informed the next 1 1/2 years. Choose the "lesser evil" if you must but get informed, make a sound decision and choose! Ya just may find and really like a long shot candidate that doesn't have the cash flow, but vote! It just may take more than one or two recycle campaign seasons to get this economy up to a bull's run. But let's get some quality people in there that can do it right... wherever you are! Vote to bring jobs back to what has normally been one of the best economies in the world! (We are slipping you know... and faster than what you may realize! The eyes of the world are upon us.) Vote for limiting political power. Vote to protect our interests soundly. Prepare yourself now to vote in 2012... Vote for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

The United States Constitution:
Article I covers the roll of The U.S. Congress. Basically, Congress passes laws within the structure, or limits of the U.S. Constitution. How Congress is to be set up and to run itself. A chief responsibility is found in Section 8. "The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;" In other words... runs the way the federal government raises money and how to spend it. It's the Congress that sets the budget and is responsible for the debts of the nation. (So why then do so many media outlets want to blame a sitting president when the economy stumbles??? This leads people into wrong thinking!) It also has the power to add, delete or change the Bill of Rights... "The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution," which is what laws are to be enforced through out the United States by the President.

Article II covers the roll of the President. Basically, The U.S. President enforces the laws congress passes and having, as Section 2 states, the office of Commander in Chief to do so. It's the President's signature which puts a proposal from Congress into law. But there is provisions for the Congress to over ride a single man's opinion if it's expressed from a majority of the Congress which would force the President to enforce a proposal he refuses to sign.

Article III covers the roll of The Supreme Court. Basically, The U.S. Supreme Court interprets the law's constitutionality and can overturn any law proposed by Congress and signed by The President.

This checks and balance system we've got's ingenious. Just ingenious! When followed (and they have to be by law) no one office or person can not be unlimited in power. This system stands through attacks, misunderstanding and stupidity but it is still here. And so are we! The question is my fellow Americans... What are we gonna do with it?!

If you haven't done it in a while... Please schedule yourself some time in the near future to do some online research and/or read some of these books that relate to our nation's freedoms. The only one I could recommend is "The Constitution Explained". 


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