Proud To Be An American

I, as I'm sure you are too, am proud to be an American and will always be grateful for the political genius of our nation's founding fathers in their drafting and ratifying the Declaration of Independence and thus giving the United States of America its birth. Although the U.S. may not have a stellar history in its expansion, we have many reasons for claiming "I am proud to be an American!" and in our heritage as Americans. Regardless of what the push towards socialism since the early 1900's (if not the Civil War) has done to our way of life we are still seen the world over as being the most free and prosperous people on the planet. A most desirable country to breathe, live and work in. There is cause for that effect. The basic call from every human heart is to be free to live and do as it sees fit in a civilized society. This document, The Declaration Of Independence, states that very essence and began a form of governing that hadn't up to this point been seen in human history.

As most people I seem to learn something a bit  deeper once experienced. Although from childhood I was always proud to be an American I can honestly say my appreciation accelerated while serving in the US Marines stationed onboard The USS Longbeach CGN9. During my first WesPac (West Pacific cruise, as part of the USS Enterprise Battle Group with the USS Truxtun) in 1978 the contrast in lifestyles observed from America to "third world"  countries was incredible to me. I've shared with many of my fellow Americans over the years we should be thankful for what we have. To not take our liberty and way of life for granted. Ever!

Shit River Olongopo
I haven't seen our children around here as I did in the Philippines begging for coins from foreigners walking over a bridge while swimming in the "Shit" River below.  Or our teenage daughters willing to expose their chests' while standing in a canoe in that same river for the same cause. (Or what used to be a river at one time. Probably still an open air sewer line to the bay today. I'm sure it has a proper name but I never knew it other than what it was commonly referred to.) I haven't seen villages around here with absolutely no running water. Or electricity. I haven't seen open air butcher shops around here as I did in Hong Kong and Singapore that you could smell in the tropical heat as you approached from a block away. You get my point. Its kinda nice being able to have a cold beer without having to add ice to it! If it wasn't for this exposure I know my appreciation for my homeland would not have grown as deeply as it has. Most Americans... I fear... really don't know how good we've got it!

The framer's of our nation were brilliant to conceive the checks and balance system our political process must adhere to. No one office or person can get so powerful that it can't be stopped. Our only concern is these seemingly new attempts in our generation to "legally" side step the process. (ie. Congress voting on bills such as Obama Care without reading the document. Legislating through the courts by filing suit(s) to influence policy. And most recently, the abuse of Executive Power.) But if the politicians of the day wander too far off the trail blazed by the founding fathers, we have the right and insured freedoms installed to take those hindering freedom out. We have the solemn duty as citizens to cleanse OUR republic of detriment influences. Through the system itself peaceably (preferred by most I'm sure!) but which also has provisions installed for arming ourselves to drive it out. To quote the principal author of The Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure." 

It's the freedoms we enjoy that have brought The United States of America to undisputed world superpower status. It's freedom that has allowed this nation to maintain that status. It's freedom that our very souls cry out for having been "hardwired" into us by God. The framers saw this! Remember the introductory sentence of the Declaration? It is freedom that developed the capitalist economy and military strength that has basically allowed us to rule the world for the last couple of generations. But where this American superpower  status really originates is it is freedom that allows you to make the choices you want for your life and the lives of your young children. For the business you choose to participate in and the influences passed on to the next generation. It is the God-given choice we are given and the application of it that determines the quality of life we enjoy as individuals and as a nation.

Yep! I'm proud to be an American. Where at least I know I'm free! (Great line... don't'cha think?! Thanks Lee!)

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- Published 07/04/2011