A Red Dawn?

Remember the "Red Dawn" movie? The 1984 flick about the U.S. being invaded by Soviet Union and Cuban forces splitting the country in half? Staring Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen and Lei Thompson? There's a Red Dawn new version coming out supposedly this year with The Chinese replacing the Soviets as the invaders but there's also a coupl'a curious things going around the web and peoples' minds the last few years concerning a modern day real life "Red Dawn" scenario in the making as you read this.  Maybe you've heard at least one of three I've came across. I just came across all this last weekend after posting "Service Please!". It has me concerned enough to put some serious time into researching this and I'd like to share what I've found with ya'll. For one reason or another, I believe it would be good that you know. This information on first exposure can be very shocking to those of us that have love and concern for our country. I'm wondering if all this isn't... Well, let's just get into it.

This investigation led me to getting exposed to some information that got under my skin a bit and at one point had me pre-planning to load my truck with clothes, food, water, guns and ammo and take off for Texas. Sometimes?... I gotta excuse my jarhead mentality myself! lmao! But I'll tell ya why this got to me so quick. Well... this and I'm a cold war, baby boomer, Marine Corps vet. My perception of communist party leadership? I'll tell ya up front! I don't trust the commie bastards! I was a reporter for the local bedroom community I live near's newspaper here in east Tennessee about 6 years ago. I received an assignment to interview a Chinese delegation that came to visit the Sevier county side of the Smoky Mountains to learn how the county was able to turn this area into the major tourist attraction it is today. I never got to meet them however because they took much longer than scheduled to tour the Norris Dam. The Norris Dam. Where the TVA generates a lot of power for this area. The Norris Dam is in another county about an hour and a half north of Pigeon Forge, from "the area" the came to see. That never sat right with me. I googled "Chinese Delegation Visits" during my investigation the other night. One thing's for sure... They get around!

What got this going was I stumbled across a link about China's interest in 50 square miles south of Boise, Idaho near the major airport of the area. According to this article, this area is to be developed by the Chinese for industry, retail centers and housing their citizens. A few other stories added giving this land Chinese sovereign status. Before you spit your drink all over your screen let me give you the title of the response to what the Idaho Governor's web site has to offer on this from its news and press release page... "Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Internet". There are also stories circulating I've discerned are confusing the some 250ish Foreign Trade Zones (in or near points of entries) around our nation as Chinese Free Trade Zones. It appears Idaho's governor, C.L. "Butch" Otter (R) has been courting Chinese investment (as this link explains and shown in the above press release) in his state within his "Project 60" plan. It also reports Simomach ("China's 3rd largest contractor" and... as a few other stories added are "mostly owned by the Chinese government") delegates "have been sent to Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania to talk about setting up research and development bases and industrial parks". I tried to confirm all this but all that comes up relevant in a combination of searches is a lot of blogs quoting the same author of the same article. If there is any truth to this I haven't been able to find any viable, supporting articles in the 3 of the 16 hours I spent tracking all this other than what many would consider conspiracy theorists' sites. There is also I suspect, a lot of bloggers not taking the time to investigate this thoroughly. This "story line" is just now attempting to get off the web and into main stream around here as I heard a fella come on a Knoxville local news talk FM radio show from his phone promulgating the fear construction south of Boise for a 50 square mile Chinese Free Trade Zone was underway. I feel this concerned citizen didn't put the time needed into researching this. If you were to google Simomach, your first page would come up as "showing results for stomach. Search instead for Simomach". Relevance on the search on Simomach shows stories giving the (only) source for its origin. The one I stumbled across starting this investigation. When it comes to allowing fear to spread by your lips my dear readers... Please be advised! Make damn sure the concern is based on what is truly being said or happening. Patience is still a virtue!

This is what got my dander up. Early into my investigation of the Idaho Chinese Free Zone I came across an article stating a nameless truck driver had delivered some chow from Texas to Mexico. To Chinese troops. The story alleges it took a while to unload the truck giving the driver apparently ample time to count 1,000 armored Chinese vehicles at what appeared to be a depot. Before I found out the publisher of the site where this originates, one Steve Quayle, is one of them fella's that might'a taken the X-Fixes TV show a little too serious, I learned there are many pages by many bloggers dismissing this story as fiction. (Note to self... Remember to check source first!) Anything negative or positive relevant to this story in searches that came up... again...  quoted the same story, the same author.

The Chinese Are Coming!
I did a search of "Chinese troops in Mexico on Google" and there's a whole lotta buzz out there. According to these reports, China is massing troops in Tijuana, mainland Mexico and in western Canada even! Stories go like... "This is the best area for an invasion as the fight would be in the desert away from infrastructure and resources". "Chinese troops are there to help with the drug war", "Chinese troops arrived in Mexican ports of small fishing villages witnessed by poor, alcoholic natives that no one would take seriously" and more. I did the same search on some major news outlets. Foxnews had nothing. CNN, nothing. ABC World News, nothing. NYTimes, nothing. WashingtonPost, nothing. LATimes, nothing. I even did a search on TheNorthPoleTimes! Know what I found? Nuthin'! (Seems like if anyone knew, Santa's crew would! Just sayin'!) A search result came up on Yahoo brought one related page. A question on "Yahoo Answers" by one young man two years ago. I've emailed him asking if he's learned anything else. I'll post it in the replies if he replies. I also searched MSNBC but they use bing for their site's search engine.

I'm not putting too much stock in those stories. Most of 'em smell an awful lot like a spamnable. Including the truck driver's account. Let's just say I'm filing this in a folder of my mind under "I'm Aware". My heart for my readers of this post is that you also... just be aware. These are treachorous times we are living in. No matter what part of the world you are in! If you run across this information in the future you know it's out there and a friend has  informed you what he's researched on this.

Speaking of stock... or lack of it, do you know our government has indebted us 14.6 trillion dollars (at the time of this writing anyways.) China holds about $843 billion of it being the largest creditor to our government. The U.S. Census Bureau say's we have approximately 78 million families in the U.S. That comes out to about (swallow your drink) $10,000 per family. Your family's stake in the national debt just to China alone is around $10,000. Cool huh?! Be sure and thank your Congress person for that one! (I tried to confirm that figure but my calculator can't handle that many zeros!)

Then there's the Red Dawn remake. Set in Spokane, Washington, filmed in Pontiac, Michigan. Kinda strange but the remake is being remade. Originally scheduled to be released November 2010, the execs at the distributor of this movie, MGM (which filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy Nov. 3, 2010) began wondering if the wrong villains were chosen. Not really counting on ticket sales in China they did fear the loss of future film making prospects in China. (*Raises eyebrow* Or so they say...) So MGM ordered the film to be radically redone in post-production, taking what The Los Angeles Times calls "the highly unusual and extraordinary step of digitally altering a film to excise bad guys from the communist nation lest the leadership in Beijing be offended." The result, according to published reports, is that most references to China have been replaced with North Korean. The MGM self-censors have gone so far as "digitally erasing Chinese flags and military symbols." According to The Times, "There's no known precedent for changing the nationality of an entire group of characters." -from FrontPageMag.com. This movie was supposed to be released this summer but there is no release date posted as yet.

Personally, I wouldn't put it past China (or any other country that we are indebted to) to rationalize we are a bad risk, perceive us as weak and divided and demand payment in territory. "Do Free Trade Agreements Undermine U.S. Sovereignty?", you ask? No they don't. But don't take my word for it, just read that international trade attorney's take on it. (That last link, in another tab!) But that just means we didn't agree to it! Why give any country even the excuse to try?! Are we really at a point that we can negotiate from a position of strength anymore?

Listen up patriots! Money is not the root of all evil contrary to what most people think. That phrase is taken out of context from The Holy Bible. "But they that will (to) be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil, which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows". - I Timothy 6:9, 10. Wouldn't you say $14,300,000,000,000 of debt is drowning status?! Look at all those zeros! We, as a nation are piercing, (impaling all the way through) ourselves! What if China demands territory south of Boise? Or in Ohio, Michigan and/or Pennsylvania? What if the communists regime in Beijing, (Peking, whatever!) rationalize the American people want to be rescued from corporate greed, get our economy repaired and our reputation restored to the point we'd take a foreign invasion to get it done? They overtook Japan's economy last year to become the 2nd strongest in the world. (By selling us their cheap crap, poisoning our pets, ect.) They are fore casted to over take the U.S. economically within the next 5 years. They know the American people want change. We are not the best the world's ever seen because of our military alone. It's our freedom! It's our freedom that's brought us to super power status. I've study Communism some while I was in the Marines. War tactics and diplomacy. They aggressively look for weakness on both fronts. Outside of their own agenda of controlling the masses they have, they only respect strength. It's the only thing totalitarian regimes will take pause for.  We've been in conflict, on two fronts for almost a decade. Our economy is barely chuggin' along. Manufacturing is down. Stocks keep taking nose dives. Property values are down, unemployment is too high. And... we are in debt.  Nation's... just as our physical bodies, are strongest when growing. Bottom line? They're growing. Fast. We aren't.

There are a few coincidences in how this all intertwines. Many of these fears may very well have originated from misunderstood buzz about the making of the movie (as the oldest story I've come across is 2004 when the movie was in pre-planning I would think) and has now blossomed into web spread rumours. That's trying to get into mainstream! But I can see a similar devastating event on the horizon. Greed is choking this nation. In business and in government. We, or maybe better yet, the next generation is going to have to endure the decisions made by our incompetent Congress (that we put in place) and the corporate greed that has infected our economy and shown to us in all its glory when President George W. Bush bailed out the lending institutions in 2008. My generation, the last of the baby boomers is busy paying for the first of the boomers' allowing Congress to mortgage our lives out. The U.S. Congress is addicted to credit and it must stop. Ya gotta realize... they won't go to a "stop foreclosure" service any time soon. It's up to us to get sane thinking in our representation! We are at a point economically that some give heed to fears of completely losing what freedom we have. The concept of the 
Red Dawn 2012 movie trailer below portrays shows too close a scenario. If nothing else it should show the seriousness of our times. America! The giant is wearied from conflict. It is dazed in its incompetence and has been intoxicated with selfishness and greed! It is nearly asleep!

Recommended Video: Red Dawn Trailer released November 21, 2012 


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