9/11 Is Remembered

All this talk recently leading up to today, the 10 year anniversary of the attacks on the people of the United States of America by  Islamic extremist terrorists got me to ponder a few things. Honestly?... I think it's gotten me down some! You can't help but feel at least a twinge of the pain upon recalling the travesty forced upon all civilized people... some more than others. "The Day The Eagle Cried." I realize we should never forget this event and that some of the programs and stories recently offered in all medias  during this pre-week of the anniversary do show some additional details and learning concerning that day. But as 9/11 is remembered I get the sense that there is so much attention being given to the terrorist attack angle of this tragedy it's bordering a celebrating of it. I see no need to celebrate our having overcome something so evil. So much so I considered I shouldn't even mention it in this week's post. But I thought I might share my refections on this and wonder... Does anyone perceive the same?

As one pauses and recollects one recalls, yes we took a hit. More like a sucker punch from behind and in the dark. Looking back we should have taken the hatred towards us from Islamic extremist groups more seriously. It was a different time then. It may have dazed us but it was for a relatively very short time. America can be proud of all it's citizens that were involved in everything pertaining to this attack from the men on board United Flight 93 that attempted to retake the cockpit, the first responders that were there to assist at all three crash sites, the recovery crews, the citizens that gave blood, donated finances or supplies, the clean up teams, all those that have rebuilt the sites from the attacks, built the memorials and our tremendous military that took the fight to those involved in the planning and financing of the attack. Americans all over this land shared in the shock, pain, and sorrow of the victims' family and friends. Many Americans shared in the planning and labor towards the restorations and memorials and in the war that has been going on for 10 years as of today. In New York City what used to be known as "ground zero" is now being referred to as The 9/11 Memorial where many of the victims' families are gathered today for the dedication of it. That was absolutely the right thing to do to give the victims' families this day to be the first to visit it. 9/11 is remembered.

That being said, I really wish so much attention wouldn't have been given to the actual attack this week. Unless you're younger than 16 you  might not've felt the impact of the hatred expressed to us but we've all seen the horrific footage. Why can't more attention be given to how surviving victims have endured along with how we've all reacted, how we have overcome the physical and psychological attack on us as a people. There must be thousands of stories of support given to the victim's families, how neighbors consoled and encouraged each other, stories of heroism we've never heard across this land among the civilians and on the war fronts among the military, of examples of the love and unity we express when we are truly united. Stories such as what this post's recommended video below shows in "Brian's Story". Stories that 9/11 is remembered but also shows the triumphant, American spirit that has been shown since this cowardly attack was directed towards our citizens, on our homeland. Well maybe we don't need that many stories. Maybe we don't need those stories because we lived it. And it hurts to remember. Never the less... 9/11 is remembered.

From FBI's Most Wanted Site
All we have for set precedent on how to handle something like this in comparison is the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. That generation didn't make such a show of it. They handled the situation and moved on. So much so I'd be willing to bet most Americans of my generation and younger don't even know what month... let alone what year or date that attack occurred. Yes it should be remembered. Both historical events must be remembered in the minds of not only Americans but to the rest of the world. To Americans, it shows that differing generations can take the best hit thrown against it and recover to the point of administering justice. To the rest of the world it shows that although we as a nation may be divided politically, you mess with us?... We will hunt you down! I feel way too much attention is given to the attacks themselves on 9/11/2001. Our enemies (in their warped way of thinking sure) can very well take this as a victory. I feel there hasn't been as much shown in the media on the American spirit's resolve and defiance to be pushed in the direction the terrorists desired. For us to cave in to the fear they were attempting to ensnare us in. Not only did we not cave but 10 years later we have had justice dealt out and have brought restoration to the crash sites. There is nothing to replace the people lost in the attacks or the causalities of the cleanup or the war. There is nothing to fill the void in the hearts of those families affected. To those families...  if I may... You will always have your country's sympathy for your loss and admiration of your endeavour to overcome the pain inflicted on you. 9/11 is remembered.

There are... seemingly of course, many unanswered details that have not been answered or answers that don't add up to the facts. I've seen a lot of conspiracy theories on these attacks many of which seem to be originated outside the U.S. (one example here) and don't hold much of anything other than speculation in my opinion. But one aspect of the wreckage field in Shanksville, PA really doesn't add up. It's been proven the men on board as passengers were not afraid to and did take on the terrorists to keep the murderers from completing their mission, but there's been no proof they actually regained the cockpit. There was an F-16 in the area. Is it possible... that about 10 minutes from D.C. at its current speed... it was shot down? How did United Flight 93 crash? We've been told the plane came straight down which is how an aircraft falls when missing the tail section as substantiated by a pilot (unarmed and thinking she was going to have to crash into it to bring it down) that was en route to intercept Flight 93 when it crashed. The order had been given to shoot down any hijacked airliners. And if full disclosure hasn't been made about this situation, how about the mystery of Flight 587 2 months later? Regardless of whether we ever get all the facts... 9/11 is remembered.

Another thought. We as a nation today a decade later are divided politically. Again. At this time a decade ago for a couple of years we were the most united and proud to be Americans we had been in a long time. Well... every one except for Michelle I guess. The split began with the 2004  election campaign when liberals wanting to separate themselves from conservatives started back tracking ("flip flopping", what ever!) on their votes for taking the fight to the enemy. Why does it take such a tragic event for us to be united?! Why does desire for power and/or material gain separate us?! At least today there doesn't seem to be much squabbling. 9/11 is remembered.

The One World Trade Center; Dawn, 9/10/2011
I have watched the dedication ceremony of the NYC 9/11 Memorial this morning and thought it was beautiful. As is the Memorial which opens to the general public tomorrow. I also looked around on the web a bit and read a few stories this morning. Interestingly I've seen I'm not the only one that feels this sense of the media "celebration" of a terrorist attack on our country as distasteful as this was expressed  in many comment sections of the stories observed. I've seen it also communicated among a few of my Facebook friends. I've also seen how this continual coverage of the attack could've very well been driven by greed by one aspect of our culture. We all know so many big medias use emotional stories such as this to improve their ratings. To boost their advertising rates. To boost their own egos. But The United States of America has restored the crash sites, the memorials are in place, the perpetrators dealt with although some loose ends do remain (such as foreign aid to Pakistan, our military out of the Middle East to name a couple) and we will not forget. The men responsible have been either captured or killed. It profits us nothing to keep picking at the scars of this attack on our nation. Yes we should remember. Perhaps more so as in the words of a friend of mine, "Sometimes the best thing to do is to remember and honor quietly." After all... we... as a nation have overcome this evil expression of hatred towards us and will continue to do so. We need not give our enemies any impression or the satisfaction of thinking we dwell on the reruns of their dastardly deeds towards us. Fact is... we took that blow, they got our attention. Ya think maybe they underestimated us? 9/11 is remembered.

9/11 Memorial NYC
Flight 93 Memorial Shanksville, PA
Pentagon Memorial Arlington, VA
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- Published 09/11/2011