God Bless America Day Proposal

You’ve heard of Christmas in July? I was wondering the other day why doesn’t anyone do an Independence Day in January?! How 'bout we  give it a try! We could dress up as patriotic snow people, or Uncle Sam even! The common greeting on this day could be... "Happy Julanury 4th!" Nah... that dudn't sound right. How about God Bless America Day? The day's greeting would be "God Bless America! And God Bless You!" Have it right in the dead of winter. The Sunday after the NFC/AFC championship games and the Sunday before the Superbowl! Yeah on a Sunday. It's not like we really need another day off! And we don't need it government endorsed either! The Northerners could build and decorate snow people in their front yards to mark the occasion. Play in a baseball game... anywhere! How about a few snowball encased fireworks?! God Bless America Day sales for cars, appliances and/or furniture. Biggest icicle contests. Chili eating contests. Or whatever you come up with by the time you finish reading this!

First thing you’ve got to realize is…, we Americans? We’re spoiled. For the most part, I really don't think most Americans can truly realize just how easy we've really got it. Even as we ride this latest recession out. Depending I suppose on how you're riding this recession out, in which case that realization may be in the past tense. But... wouldn't you agree that, up to now anyways... the poor in America have it good compared to their counterparts in 3rd world countries? I know. I know only because I’ve seen it. At a rather impressionable age while serving in the Marines visiting west Pacific countries. My first WesPac onboard the USS Longbeach "The Last True Cruiser" exposed my mind to the simple but penetrating fact that those are actual human beings in the magazine pictures and movies portraying foreign cultures I had perceived throughout my childhood. Human beings not living with the modern conveniences that are just a part of daily life to me. My first night back from that WesPac in San Diego (1978) had me just awed in the technology manifested here in the U.S., in how well everything's laid out and how it all works together. And that... seemlingly!... no body else notices! I fear however, we have become too dependent on it. But that's for another time!

The U.S. has built a defensive network that is unmatched anywhere, anytime. Built from a manufacturing base that is known the world over for producing the best stuff and an economy that once looked unconquerable. Our manufacturing and exporting has been on a down slide since before and through this recession and our military's needing a rest. But we all go to bed every night with absolutely no concern of the unthinkable occurring. A foreign invasion and occupation. The scenario may be closer than you think. America is on a slow, downward spiral and on the edge of disaster thanks to the way the U.S. Congress spends our taxes and our politicians not delegating our best business minds as international negotiators. Don't'cha see it?! The world stage is changing. Right in front of us! The United States of America is losing its front running world super power status. I'm not saying a "Red Dawn" is inevitable, but we shouldn't even be in a situation where it's conceivable! This is all self inflicted as far as I'm concerned. Correctable only when  Americans stop treating elections as a popularity contest, demand those running for office have some kind of U.S. Constitutional training and hold them accountable. We have been weakened by self serving politics and burdensome laws but thank God we have so many citizens willing to stand up and defend our nation!

Regardless of our internal issues, our American culture is the culture that has made the greatest advances in the sciences  made available to not just the elite but its citizens. Rather quickly too. Not counting political science. Anything political really doesn't seem to profit us as a nation, family, business or individual anymore these days. Unless you're bought and paid for by government programs I suppose but!... Just look at the explosion of wireless devices on the market these days. I marvel today in how cool it is to see Star Trekish imaginations become some of the services we enjoy today. No, everyone’s computers don’t talk. Not yet.(!) But there’s pretty much at least one in every home across America! Most businesses wouldn't know what to do without them. Some folks might not even have any friends in their lives if it wasn't for their computers and the web! And! we’re communicating with similar hand held devices as seen in the original Star Trek series. Ours being better of course in that we don't need to throw our wrists out to answer a call! And! Doctors have the ability to scan patients, NASA's now hindered missions recently retired a fleet of ships that were reusable. Lasers, cloaking (stealth), one-on-one video communication... But we still ain't seen a tribble, or a Vulcan for that matter! All in all, pretty cool stuff to a boy watching his favorite TV show in the 60’s and seeing similar advances in his lifetime! What other generation can claim that?!

Our culture has made great strides in medicine. Again. Available to its citizens. It is costly at this point in our nation’s history. I've seen where it’s taking a 13% bite out of the average American household budget. Socialized medicine is not the answer. It's been tried. In other countries yes but if it was to work as designed by the "wise-guys" in power, how come so many foreigners come to this country for care? Hopefully something can be done about that for the next generation. Point is, Americans have the best health care available to them if they choose to participate. I know, many can’t. No insurance and its costly. Many Americans have been self-pay for many years. But we know its there. If we can just figure out a way to pay for it!

Ours is the culture that came up with the “Super-Size” concept. A true ideal to those that are spoiled! Not that what you have ordered is enough, but for just a little bit more of your money, you can have a couple more fries and more ice in your coke. Don’t really need it, but it’s there. So why not? You realize a SUV is a super sized, car don’t cha? And they seem to be the ride of choice by most Americans. They are cool! Super sized boats, super sized buildings, super sized everything! Even boobs! If you’ve got the money, you can get it in America! Money?! Oh what am I talking about?! We've got super-sized debt too! Checked the U.S. Debt Clock recently? I’m all ready wondering what last minute scalpers will get for Super Bowl tickets. Let alone the network advertising rates during the game! See? We’re right in the middle of it! Don’t cha just love being an American?! We can almost always get what we need and want here in America. The trick is... No matter where you're from and what you're doing... Don't give in to greed lest you find yourself shackled!

OK... we do know why no one thinks of Independence Day in January such as is done for Christmas in July. No big economic push for the retailers. No, "gotta-git-everyone-something" mentality dominating our minds. Christmas shopping is wide open as far as sales, purchasing and giving. What's the two biggest sale items in America pre- Independence Day?... beer and fireworks?! (That's a scary thought in itself!) No I'm not advocating we all down a few beers and light up the winter night sky in January either. But we could if we wanted to! Have ya ever wondered? Why can't we put as much thought into how we are proud to be Americans (if applicable) more than just as the summer heat starts cranking up?! We do have a lot to be thankful for! Even though we are the generation that is witnessing our country's decline from super power status. And I'll tell ya this! For all the faults, sins and misgivings of The United States of America? No other nation that has evolved on this planet has shown compassion and reached out to assist those worldwide in times of disaster with the resources The United States of America has! That alone can make any U.S. citizen proud to be an American... No matter what month it is!
God Bless America Day?! It does have a ring to it!
OK... Your turn. How else can this day be celebrated?!

God Bless America And God Bless You!

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- Published 01/14/2012