Have you seen them? These white, fuzzy trails in a blue, windless sky that go from horizon to horizon? These so-called "chemtrails"  that don't dissipate as we're accustomed to observing when we see our air-borne vehicles transferring cargo and passengers. I 've seen them. As I recall, I have seen longer than normal contrails (jet airplane condensation trail) at times on vessels way up in the atmosphere but I have never seen a criss-cross pattern like I observed right earlier this year. I had heard about this recently on a radio show (Coast To Coast AM) I catch late night if I'm up or first thing in the morning concerning chemtrails so... considering the source, I'm wary of the subject matter at hand. But I can't deny what I seen in the skies above and around the Knoxville, Tennessee area was *Spock voice*... fascinating. So, before I got caught up in the chemtrail conspiracy wave I did some research on this I'd like to share with... you!

First I suppose... just in case this is the first you've heard of such a thing, let's get on the same page as to the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail. Well, "a contrail is the condensation trail that is left behind by a passing jet plane., Contrails form when hot humid air from jet exhaust mixes with environmental air of low vapor pressure and low temperature. Vapor pressure is just a fancy term for the amount of pressure that is exerted by water vapor itself (as opposed to atmospheric, or barometric, pressure which is due to the weight of the entire atmosphere above you). The mixing occurs directly behind the plane due to the turbulence generated by the engine. If condensation (conversion from a gas to liquid) occurs, then a contrail becomes visible. Since air temperatures at these high atmospheric levels are very cold (generally colder than -40 F), only a small amount of liquid is necessary for condensation to occur. Water is a normal byproduct of combustion in engines.-National Weather Service  Now, depending on where you go for a definition of a chemtrail... and there are many sources... a chemtrail basically is a contrail mixed with "chemical toxins such as aluminum and barium compounds as well as biological materials, such as red blood cells, bacteria, ect." - The most noticeable characteristic, it is said, being the contrail dissipates quickly and a chemtrail can stretch from horizon to horizon lingering into a haze. Sometimes rainbow colors can be seen in them.

The military does drop aluminum for testing chaff which is used to deceive radar. 
Apparently a pain in the butt for weather  
forecasters as shown in this video. (If you've ever seen a meteorologist add this to a forecast, let us know in a comment on this story)  Have fear-mongers concocted this chemtrail scare with this procedure in mind? If you listen to this video the meterologist never mentions "posion" but the title of this post is "Meteorologist admits government spraying poison in the air!" The weather man is explaining why his weather radar is messed up! Why is it that some must put their own opinion into a situation they try to make others aware of? Usually because they get caught up in it emotionally (fear is always the root of it), want others to believe their perceptions on the issue and slant it with their personal opinion (even if they aren't a witness to it!) to get others to believe. (Side note here: This same attitude was behind many mistranslations in the translation of the KJV.) I suppose they add their own commentary as any actual proof of what they get caught up in is evasive. 

Another example of this. The link to HealthFreedom above also refers to House Resolution  #2977 in which Congress was attempting to define "chemtrail." H.R. 2977 Space Preservation Act of 2001 wasn't ever  voted on but the bill was however 
rewritten and took the form of H.R.3616 Space Preservation Act of 2002 and again, wasn't ever voted on. The author of this post doesn't mention neither bill became law, let alone even came up for a vote and concludes this post with... "Apparently, Congress wants to continue "legally" using chemtrails and other weapons of mass destruction against their constituents and the people of Earth."  I listed this post from HealthFreedom purely as a show of a definition of what is being called chemtrails but it is interesting to see the slant given by this particular author and that the term chemtrails is known and being used by Congress. 

As I've said I've seen them myself, these "chemtrails." If you've been reading me for any amount of time you know I don't give in quickly to my own perceptions. There are all-be-it too many that do and produce nothing but sensationalism with them. It does at times look as though we're being put under a haze that could be falling on us. But there is much more air traffic these days. There's buzz all over the world wide web wilderness on blogs and YouTube  channels about how since these chemtrails are being criss-crossed all over the globe it's a move by the New World Order leaders to decrease the population to either preserve the natural habitat or for political control. Or that it's a United Nations or U.S. attempt to bring the U.S. citizenry in line. Or for weather manipulation, for ozone layer protection or crop production. My initial, biggest concern when I saw it? Those trails are blocking my sunshine! Don't block my sunshine! Must have sunshine!

There's just too many things that don't add up if you stop and think these chemtrails  through. These "theories" have been observed and perpetuated for over a decade. There's been no big human die off although I did see where some are blaming the honey bee population decrease on it. And your headache. And your kid's runny nose. And flu like symptoms. (Most things that we deal with as seasons change anyways. Doesn't this feel like horrorscope predictions?!) And the technology involved in pulling something off by killing the population with chemtrails doesn't add up. As pilot Ian Wickson explains, "If an aircraft were spraying some form of liquid or powdered solid, such as bacterial agents or aluminum particulates as suggested by many theorists, it should be most visible directly behind the trailing edge of the wing (or wherever the nozzles may be located), becoming less visible as it dissipates in the atmosphere in the wake of the plane. This is exactly what you would observe when watching a crop duster. Yet, in every photo of an aircraft producing a "chemtrail" I have seen, the opposite is true. They all look like normal contrails." - A Pilot's View (On Chemtrails)

It does take patience to sort through private interpretations to get to bits and pieces of truth as one attempts to debunk that which is worthy of debunking. Something a biblical research student following biblical research principles is fully aware of! This issue as well as any others out there such as a Chinese invasion or spamnables even are just wasting too much of our lives! Check it out before you pass on information! It's not like the information's not out there! Don't get caught up in fear. If something comes along that really bothers you, stay patient! Check it out! Do some research on it! If you're reading this you have a computer. Got search?! You can do it! If you get... stumped (no pun intended!), send me an email with what's bothering you and what you've come up with so far. Maybe I'll be glad to help you. If you've proved any of these theories that are rampant in the web wilderness let me know and I'll work it into a story crediting you. Sensationalism, fear-mongering, fanatasizing? Do we really have time for these things?  The folks that get caught up in these wind chasin' endeavors producing articles and video presentations could use their time so much more profitably if they would provide an actual product or service that would benefit themselves as well as those that they desire to serve. Get our economy crankin'! It wouldn't bother me at all in that this would give me less subjects to write about but that would be just fine! Anyways... If you've been wondering about these...

Relax! They are just contrails!
(or are they?)

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- Published 02/26/2012