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It's truly a shame... and demoralizing to the states of our union that fought a costly war to end slavery to see violence and vandalism being so manifested in our day and time under the guise of race. Never the less, there it is on every news network seemingly everywhere endlessly to give the appearance that race relations are a major problem. They keep saying, "We need to have a discussion on race." Why?! We've been talking about race since before the Civil War! Race is not the problem. The violence taking place is for the most part due to the lack of an accurate understanding and more

It ain’t no secret. Some may deny it but there’s evil in the world. Ever notice? Of course you have. At times we all at one point or another in our lives have sensed it is everywhere present all the time in the world. Evil begins in the human mind by way of selfishness. The degree of selfishness manifested labels the degree of evilness inflicted on more

Spirituality. Many say they've got it. Many of those really don't have a clue. Many more may be honest in saying they really don't know what that is. The five senses were not designed to perceive the spiritual realm. And yet, the whole physical realm was created in order to sustain a consciousness that could relate to the spiritual being that built it. To have a relationship. For the Creator to commune with that which more

The crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus is the focus of most Christians in the early spring of the northern hemisphere. In America and around the world. Shown by church attendance across the religious spectrum as it is the highest drawing event of the year. And yet, because of religious dogma, so much concerning this historic event goes unnoticed and/or misconceived by the vast majority because of the pagan traditions woven into "Christianity" by way of the conception of the Roman Catholic Church in the 4th century. Which they still carry on today as do all the Roman Catholic off-shoots we know as denominations. This is by design. And has been most more

“Birds of a feather flock together.” We’re all familiar with that phrase. Usually referring to how folks with similar interests congregate. It’s like that in all of life. Things that are the same are attracted to each other. It also silently suggests that things opposite of one another tend to repel each other. This simple proverb accurately describes so much of life. It’s all around us! In the animal kingdom, in business, in politics, more

America Marches On
The Christian conservative majority of the states of this nation lifted their voices as one in the 2016 election. Voicing in unity opposition to the socialist progress (more like degress. Is that a word?!) put on our union by President Obama. The Republicans have been given the Presidency and a majority in the House and Senate. The Republican Party has been given the opportunity to get America back on its more

A Touch Of History
Take a look around. Surely we all see it. We live in amazingly bizarre times people. I'd have to say it's pretty much all our fault too. All this political nonsense that's going on. It's our fault! For not taking our responsibility of being American citizens as a people more seriously. We aren't educated properly concerning our amazing history and beautifully more

Swim, Sink Or Stand Up
This post published with a desire to show as an example how to work God's Word that you may see God's Word does in fact interpret itself. To encourage you that it is possible to escape from religion. From uncertainty. From any doubt, worry or fear you may have concerning life and/or God. Through personal study of His Word which He preserved through eons and offers you personally. He can't give it to you unless you accept it and take Him at His Word. more

A New Day Dawns In America
January 20, 2017. Donald Trump was sworn in as POTUS. Elected on his "Make America Great Again" promise. Maybe, just maybe this country of ours can get back on track now!
Our politicians have been allowed to build themselves up to elitist status in their own minds and it's been going on for way too long. They pass laws for the citizens of our nation and exempt themselves from it. Thanks to Pelosi we now know they don't even read the bills before they vote on them. They have way too much available to them in salary, benefits and staff. I been saying for more than a decade that we need to get someone in the office of the President that's not a career politician. Well we've more

Religion Sucks!
Religion sucks! Yeah I said it. That may shock some I understand but before you go blasting me with your religious opinion how about reading this whole post and I'll tell ya why religion sucks. Some of you just might understand this and realize it's your religion that's been holding you back. That... like a parasite... your religion sucks the life out of what God truly desires for you. I know there's a lot of good people out there that feel blocked in their attempts to have a relationship with God. In my years (decades actually) of helping others come to an accurate understanding of the scriptures by using the biblical research principles the one thing I've observed is most people cannot separate "religion" from "godliness." To them it's one and the same. But it's not! By definition religion is man-made forms of... read more

The Wonderful Works Of GodThe Wonderful Works Of God
One thing that never gets old to me is how this physical realm, this universe is set up and how it works. How atoms make up everything and how they themselves are manufactured in the hearts of stars. Have you ever considered the wonderful works of God? Our physical bodies are comprised of atoms, produced from stars long since dead, that have grouped together making molecules. Which in turn grouped together to make this amazing planet and all of the life that is found on it. Everything... including us!... is truly made up of "star stuff!" ... read more

The Cure For Fibromyalgia
Some of you reading the title of this post I realize may not believe what you just read. "The Cure For Fibromyalgia?" How can that be? Every doctor and person you've talked to say there is no cure for Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is "incurable." If your doctor(s) even believe it is a serious condition at all... attributing it instead to a mental condition. They point to a mental condition because with all their training, technology and expertise they can't detect how this condition affects the human body. Which shouldn't be a surprise as it is in fact a condition originating in the brain and affects the whole nervous system. Could they really expect to perceive how the brain "misfires" when not being properly maintained? more