The God Of This World

The God Of This WorldIt seems you see it on the news following every tragedy. Good-hearted folks, suffering loss and perhaps in a level of shock and disbelief waling to the reporter they don't know why God did this to them. Or, God is perfecting them through trials. Or on the death of a loved one that "God needed another angel in heaven." Good-hearted people... many considering themselves "Christians"... flaunting their ignorance of the relationship they don't have with God for the whole world to see! I get irritated to no ends when someone blames God for some evil He isn't responsible for! I'll call it what it is! It's blasphemy! But because most go by what B.S. they've been fed by religious doctrines (doctrines = standards of believing) they are still in the Old Testament with their thinking. Are they at fault? Yes! But the real fault lies with those that teach wrong doctrine... wrong standard for believing. Which brings to mind what Jesus said to the religious leaders in his day in Matthew 15:7-9 "Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips: but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." (KJV) Such as the example of this fella coming out of his storm cellar right after the tornadoes hit Oklahoma in the video below. This neighborhood got devastated. And the first thing this guy does when he says something is misuse scripture and blame God for this destruction. Aaaargh!

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Look folks... I'm not cutting down anybody's churches. Or the fella in this video. I believe there are many like him... wonderfully, genuine, warm-hearted believers through out this nation doing what they know to live a lifestyle pleasing to the Father. But without personal diligent study and the application of critical thinking no one can go further than what they've been taught, where they've been led. ("Perceptions"I hold the leadership of the religious Christian organizations accountable for not living up to the standard they are called to by God's written Word in teaching the scriptures accurately. (Assuming of course the leadership is even genuine!) It is these "doctrines of men" that lead people down the wrong paths in life. It is this "blind leading the blind" scenario that fails to build genuine spiritual strength for a believer to grow in his/her understanding of spiritual matters and thereby avoiding vain worship! Although Christian denominations are the most available thing we have to bible believing doctrines, they branch off in so many directions on so many topics what are they other than doctrines of men? Differentiating topics and issues define who they are. With installed leadership, a "command" structure and a body of members they truly resemble political parties. They are... "religious" parties. And like political parties the religious party memberships are comprised of those that were born into it and/or think alike towards certain issues. The members follow the leadership and follow the doctrine of their religious party. To disagree with that party's standard for believing, that denomination would naturally suffer a riff in the party. The convinced will hold fast to the party platform even when offered the rightly divided Word of God that exposes the error in it. I've seen it many times in my life and I'm sure you've at least seen it in the scriptures. The accurately communicated Word of God will expose error... the wrong direction. Once presented with truth one stands at a crossroads. Yes I'm a believer in that sometimes?... Free will choice can be a pain in the butt!

The God Of This World
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One of the biggest failures... if not the biggest... among the religious parties is the lack of accurate teaching from God's Word distinguishing between the true God, the god of this world and this Grace Administration period of time we live in today. Please allow me to share what I've seen in God's Word concerning this "god of this world" with you. As shown in "Perceptions", the one we all know as Satan, God's arch-enemy, by way of deception stole from man (Adam) the authority and liberty given to him by God on condition. By Adam's (man's) failure to uphold that condition he transferred his authority over his realm to Satan. Have ya noticed? Things have been chaotic for mankind ever since! From God's Word we see Satan's purpose, fronts and tactics quite clearly. Along with some of his history. And future! Mostly unknown to most save comparatively few disciples on this planet today. Which is why... if you didn't already know this... I'm thankful for you reading this now! I can't go over everything I know from God's Word concerning this jerk but I can share enough with you to either make you either scoff or expose a bit clearer to you the one that would just as soon see you dead. I can give you Satan's purpose in one verse. Spoken by Jesus himself! "The thief cometh not but for to steal, and to kill and to destroy..." John 10:10. The "thief" is in reference to Satan. He only comes around... his only purpose is... to steal the Word of God from you to render you helpless against him. To kill your physical body whenever it profits him. To destroy any genuine impact your life may have on others. In contrast, the rest of the verse reads why Jesus came. "... I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." (notice the double emphasis on increase) For all those that have been taught wrongly that "the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away" have you not read John 10:10 before? Or is it easier to "go with flow?" Just quote Old Testament verses. Not understanding that is not the administration in which we live today. For those of you that have been taught wrongly that God kills people have you not read that "God is light and in Him is no darkness at all?" Or Hebrews 2:14-15? I mean... how much clearer can God make it?! Jesus Christ came "to destroy him that had the power (authority) of death, that is, the devil."! Yes! You're observation is correct! Too many good people are dying much too young. But it ain't God's fault! Put the blame where it belongs people! On Satan. The god of this world. Who gets no greater thrill than ambushing God's people as they travel down the roads of life! Check it out...

Being a Marine I was trained the fine art of ambush. A successful ambush has 3 basic elements. Surprise, coordinated fire and control... surprise being the primary element. Without the element of surprise it would not be differentiated from other forms of attack as an ambush. If complete surprise is attained in the attack, the target, normally on the move, will not be aware of it in time for an effective reaction. A successful ambush seizes and dominates the situation. The more concealed the attackers are, a higher percentage of success may be obtained. Satan and his devils work the same way. One of the four methods you should know about this common enemy man has is that the secret in his success is the secrecy of his moves. Two of the fronts these devils use are people and religion. It's denominational doctrines that twist the truth of God's Word into religion. Are ya following me?! Without a precise rightly dividing of God's Word in our understanding we have nothing but religion! Vain worship that is powerless against the devil spirit realm that infests this world! Whose only purpose is to steal, kill and destroy! Because of wrong teaching and/or unbelief in the hearts of humans he, Satan, the god of this world... has access to their lives. An opening to attack. Ambush! The attacked don't see it in time to react effectively! Concealed so well that the true God gets the blame. This is the purpose as to why we, God's people were given the gift ministries. Genuine leadership that would hold to the truth of God's Word and teach it so that we would stop getting blown around (down the wrong roads) with every wind of doctrine! That God's people would quit gittin' their butts kicked! By turning the vain worship we've all offered to God at one time or another (based on our ignorance and unbelief) into something more suited for a genuine spiritual relationship with God as a child of His. On His terms!

The God Of This World
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I realize... that... for the most part all of us have had religion shoved at us all our lives. You can choose to walk down whatever path you want in this life. That's your God-given right. It's the protection of this right by the U.S. Constitution to honest, law abiding citizens in this country that is one of the things that makes America so wonderful. But wrong choices bring bad results. If one continues making bad decisions one keeps getting bad results. And the god of this world has his people in this world, in all fields of life, sold out to their error, continuously and sincerely attempting to draw you away from the truth of God's Word... luring you into an ambush whereby devils may rack and ruin your life. God doesn't want this for anybody. He makes His Word available to the whole world through His people. He gave His people His Word so that we might know the spiritual realm. How the spiritual enemy attacks us in this physical realm. How to defend against it. How to remain within the walls of Zion. It's in His Word that we learn how He's willing to not only protect us but that He's given us the ability to repel any ambushes. But you gotta be trained! The safe path is narrow and not as easy to walk as the broad road the god of this world and his cohorts have leveled, paved, with flashing neon arrows screaming, "This is the way!" And lined with ambushes. We've all been on that road. These damn spirits are doing everything they can to keep the light of God's Word under containment. It's this light that exposes these bastards and their ambushes! But they can't keep it from those of us that not only want to know the truth but to learn what to do with this truth once we have it. To break the hold the god of this world has on our lives and the lives of those around us. Learn and speak the truth in love. A sure way to quit being a tool for the adversary by repeating his lies!

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- Published 06/01/2013