Support Senior Airman Brian Kolfage: The Most Severely Wounded Airman In History

If you're not already convinced, and this doesn't do it... nothing else after reading this concerning one Brian Kolfage could convince you how vindictive the current White House administration is. If this doesn't cause you to at least consider how wrong our government has become... Speaking to my fellow Americans... YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

I came across this in a private fb group I'm in... "I gave 3 limbs for this nation, I've received my VA compensation for 9 years straight with no payment problems. 3 weeks ago I was on The Huckabee Show on Fox News and called out Obama and Hillary as being disgraces to our nation. Now my pay mysteriously is messed up, coincidence? 2 weeks ago I told everyone I'd be getting audited for it, I guess it came sooner than expected." This comes from Senior Airman Brian Kolfage, the most severely wounded Airman in history's facebook post dated February 7, 2014. The YouTube video of the Huckabee interview is at the end of this article.

Yes, regrettably he's been ridiculed for his stand by anti-American leftist trolls. And not just on his fb page (such as this one.) Other of his posts have drawn the despise of those that hate the members of our armed forces. It truly is sad to see a man that volunteered his life for his nation have so much vile and government sponsored revenge thrown his way for standing up for his right to free speech and the benefits he earned in service to his nation.

Naturally I felt compelled to somehow support this American military veteran that has given so much in his service to our nation and started checking into this. I thought I could at the very least bring attention to others of what is coming at him for his stand (of which many Americans agree with) on the national stage. Here's a write up on this Air Force vet on Surviving and Thriving

Now... if his VA pay is being "mysteriously" messed up after appearing and exercising his God given right which is supposed to be protected under the 1st amendment because he voiced his opinion of those "serving" in political positions and brought about an audit by the VA wasn't enough the VA is back charging him for thousands of dollars of what the VA is referring to as "over payments" and cut his benefits $105/month until "retribution" is complete.

"Since Brian was in fact remarried, he provided the necessary legal documentation to the VA and was told that an error had been made and the problem would be cleared up and no indebtedness existed. Moreover, the Veterans Administration said there would be no back charge against his benefits. To quote Brian: "They even sent me a document last month [September] saying everything was reviewed, updated and good to go."
On October 29, 2013, Kolfage received a letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Debt Management Center, and Operations Division Chief explaining that his indebtedness balance had been reduced by a $105.00 through a reduction of his monthly benefits." Veterans Administration Back Charges Triple Amputee Brian Kolfage Thousands of Dollars

Do I need to say it? THIS AIN'T RIGHT YA'LL!!! The least any of us could do to support this vet (and any vets that are being wronged by our government) is to connect with that vet or group on social media, let other citizens know what's going on and write your Congressman and/or Senators and voice your outrage in this government mishandling. Not that these politicians will see it this way but these men and women that go into harms way and experience the horrors of war in defense of our nation should get benefits at least on the same level as these self-serving politicians.


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