Fibromyalgia: My Path To Overcoming

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If you've came to this page directly it will be better understood after reading The Cure For Fibromyalgia post which also suggests you read the article linked to in that post referred to as The Cure For Fibromyalgia Your Doctor Doesn't Want You To Know. So if you haven't read those 2 posts you are encouraged to do so then come back here. We are now proceeding as though every one's caught up. Good! If you've got a bad case of Fibro Fog right now and just don't feel like hitting those other pages at least bookmark one of them for future reference when you feel up to it. Then come back here.

In case ya didn't know, Fibro sucks! I'm going to share in this post the last bit of my journey of discovery along my path to overcoming Fibromyalgia. How God initiated my learning and the events that followed would be a whole 'nuther post! I know there's many Fibro sufferers that will be visiting this page that have looked and looked for months if not years online and in conversation for relief. And have gotten very little results. I was there. Me too! A lot of reading. A lot of trying. Some a minimally effective. Some more of a healthy choice anyways. And a lot of just-not-making-progress in recovery. For you folks eager to try coconut oil I'll be going over what I've learned using myself as a guinea pig with trial and error for you right here right now. I know what it feels like to be dragged through an entire article for no profit.

And this just may be profitable to you!

After reading The Cure For Fibromyalgia You Doctor Doesn't Want You To Know we know that for many people (such as I) Fibromyalgia is a matter of the brain overproducing adrenaline and that it can be corrected with coconut oil. The questions I had to discover once learning coconut oil is helping others were 1. amount of dosage, 2. how long before I'd experience relief, 3. if there are any side effects of the oil and 4. adjusted dosage.

  1. Amount Of Dosage: If you're going to do this I suggest you get what I got. Organic virgin coconut oil. It may be in solid form in cooler room temperatures but liquefies at 76 degrees. The only recommendation I could find online was to do no more than 3 tablespoons per day. So I started off with that. 1 1/2 in the morning and 1 1/2 tbsp in the early evening. I started in the evening. 
  2. How Long Before I Experienced Any Relief: The article said anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. I felt some quite noticeable relief the next morning. Within 3 days almost all the pain and soreness was gone! And I was able to start feeling just how tight the muscles in my body were. (My chiropractor had been telling me they were way too tight. I just couldn't feel it through the pain.) A few days later almost all the pain was gone and the muscles were really relaxing. By the end of the first week I was feeling the brain fog lift. And even got a few spurts of motivation! It's been 2 weeks since I started the oil and I'm still pain free. The last symptoms barely noticeable now are the tingles, or what I call "inverted goosebumps" all over but especially my calves, upper back and forearms, some tightness in those same muscle  groups at times. And it's been a couple days since I felt one of them "invisible bugs" crawl across my skin! The brain fog has dissipated but not as much as desired. I've had to cut back on the original doses. Which goes into...
  3. Coconut Oil Side Effects: Be advised! This is some powerful stuff this coconut oil! I went 5 days at dividing the 3 tablespoons between morning and evening. By the end of the week I was pain free and my muscles had really relaxed a lot but I felt as if I had been hit by a truck! I was completely exhausted. And couldn't sleep. After 2 days of that and maybe 4 hours of sleep over 48 hours I did some more research and came to learn how powerful this stuff is. Not only does it supply the brain with the sugar it absolutely has to have but it is also has an ambitious detox effect on the body.
    Coconut oil is a powerful antimicrobial. From the author of The Side Effects Of Coconut Oil as a comment answering a question of the reader of the same article I learned, "Pathogens like viruses, bacteria and parasites release toxins when they're killed by coconut oil. But when Candida yeast cells die, they can release as much as 70 or even 80 different toxins and hence, may not have the 'time' to regulate. Feeling exhausted is normal in the meantime."
    Starting off at 3 tbsp/day may have been OK. After a full day in the east Tennessee summer sun I had a relapse of pain that night. Thinking too much like a jarhead I thought of doubling the dosage for faster results to get over the pain I didn't want returning. It was too much. Although I'm height/weight proportionate I know I have a bit of Candida issue and have been on probiotics for a year now anyways. And I'm in a fungal environment And who knows what all we've got circulating in our bodies! It was killing off too much too fast. Exhaustion was from an overtaxed liver filtering out the toxins. But... it was also energizing my brain. Causing the insomnia. I got maybe 13 hours of sleep over 6 days. My mind wasn't racing. I would be quite relaxed. I used Melatonin a few times, a mild beer buzz a couple times but nothing worked. I just couldn't turn off! Until after the 3rd day of being off oil altogether. Which led to an... 
  4. Adjusted Dosage: I'm only 2 weeks on the coconut oil. Other than 1 1/2 days I've been pain free. My muscles have relaxed. I'm still feeling the "inverted goosebumps" but it is a very light sensation at this point. I am still feeling some tightness at times in my calves, upper back and forearms but barely. The brain fog is still a bit of an issue but I do have spurts of motivation. Which has been lacking much too long! For the last 2 days I've been only ingesting the amount of oil that can stick to a vertical tablespoon. And that's after 4 days of no oil to insure I slept during the workweek. I'll be starting 1 tablespoon a day tomorrow.
Fibro FogAll I can say is... after almost 2 full weeks of being pain and soreness free I've been thankful to the point of tears a few times. It is still amazing to move... in any direction with any part of my body... and not feel pain! I don't mind telling you I've made some moves that would make an observer think I stuck my big toe in an electrical outlet! Just because it feels so great to move and not hurt! I've been teased a few times with a clear mind and some motivation too. Words fail to describe my thankfulness to God. It may be premature but it seems coconut oil is working for me. I'll be updating my progress in a few weeks. I wanted to make another site available on the web as soon as possible in getting out the word that relief is available for Fibro! It may take a few months for these 2 posts to rise in search. I pray it works for you or someone you know so inflicted. Take this information I share with you and do with it what you will. My only desire is to help others enduring this terrible condition overcome it. To be cured of the incurable! Naturally. If at all possible.

Fibromyalgia tender points
I was wanting to share details of my journey of awareness towards Fibromyalgia and nutrition in this post but now see it really isn't necessary. Suffice it to know my education began with the discovery of the "sensitive points" that was revealed to me in a way that God provided me I would understand. And began a domino's effect of questions that rose and were answered precisely when I was ready for it over the 2 years of my researching Fibro and nutrition.  My resources included the web. And answers coming through interactions with my sister (who also is afflicted) and many of a certain household of believers that were believing with me. Which is a strength in any true household of God. You might check to see if there's any points in your body as shown in this chart that is painful when light pressure is applied. Especially if the area is in an area of your body where any pain may have recently begun. If you can take the pain, get that "knot" massaged out. It may give you some relief. It did me. And look for the others. If you can catch it in advance it may not progress into the painful symptoms too many already suffer. And consider light dosages of coconut oil.

I would have to say I'm 98.5% over the Fibro symptoms. \o/ The inverted goosebumps, shots of pain in random areas, muscle stiffness have all been gone for since the end of August. I get just a bit of Fibro brain fog occasionally and I do feel a bit sore at the end of the day but I can handle that just fine! I'm sleeping better and have a day once in awhile when I feel completely normal. (I almost forgot what "normal" felt like! The first couple of times were soooo good!) I continue to take just less than 1 tablespoon of coconut oil a day, in the morning, with food. Along with Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc. And a super B complex. All with a double shot of orange juice after eating.

If this post has helped you or a family member or friend you shared this post with,
please come back and leave a comment on your experience with Fibro.
I would love to rejoice with you in the deliverance!

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