The Cure For Fibromyalgia

Some of you reading the title of this post I realize may not believe what you just read. "The Cure For Fibromyalgia?" How can that be? Every doctor and person you've talked to say there is no cure for Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is "incurable." If your doctor(s) even believe it is a serious condition at all... attributing it instead to a mental condition. Many medical experts point to a mental condition because with all their training, technology and expertise they can't detect how this condition affects the human body. Which shouldn't be a surprise as it is in fact a condition originating in the brain that affects the whole nervous system. Could they really expect to perceive how the brain "misfires" when not being properly maintained? Even though the millions that endure the Fibro experience may experience different symptoms at varied levels, many of the same symptoms are reported. But they can vary from individual to individual in body parts affected and/or intensity. Here are the more common symptoms as described by

"Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals.
Symptoms sometimes begin after a physical trauma, surgery, infection or significant psychological stress. In other cases, symptoms gradually accumulate over time with no single triggering event.
Women are much more likely to develop fibromyalgia than are men. Many people who have fibromyalgia also have tension headaches, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and depression.
While there is no cure for fibromyalgia, a variety of medications can help control symptoms. Exercise, relaxation and stress-reduction measures also may help."
Let me assure you. There is a cure for many. I'll share with you how I'm beating it... how I'm being cured of the "incurable"... in the Fibromyalgia: My Path To Overcoming post. The article that was the key to my healing after much previous learning is linked below. But the main point I would like to make here on this post is as follows. I have been enduring this condition for 2 1/2 years. I would not go to a doctor over this. I have no confidence in the mainstream health industry. As in so much of the American culture, there is an excess of doctors and especially the pharmaceutical companies that are caught up with the love of money. Which is one of the reasons there is so much sickness prevailing in our nation. The love of money is the root of evil. It's just the root! And because the root thrives the cultural weed we know as evil has blossomed in our society's health care. The pharmaceutical companies today are a great example of capitalism gone bad. The pharmaceuticals aren't interested in healing people. There's a lot more money to be made in the "managing" of the diseases and conditions. They play on the population by the advertisements we see and hear. "Talk to your doctor to see if our medication with all these potentially terrible side effects might be right for you." Of which you'll probably need another medication or two to mask the side effects. Most people are so dull-minded or desperate for relief they don't pay attention to the warnings! We hear them all the time now and it's become "normal." And I believe way too many doctors are caught up in taking the easy route towards their approach to their patients. I haven't been to the VA in 4 years. I'd be interested in knowing how many of you have been to a medical doctor... that offered a drug-free, natural approach. As far as I'm concerned, today's MDs... for the most part... are legalized drug pushers. I've talked to many Fibro folks telling me of the number of doctors they've tried and the all the different drugs that were tried to get them relief. I've seen dozens and dozens of online comments sharing the same. I refuse to be a lab rat.

Seen this?!

When I first started realizing something was wrong with me I wasn't about to put my trust in a doctor. Especially with the majority of doctors believing Fibromyalgia is either mental, or incurable if they even believe it is a serious condition. I kept my trust in God. It took a while for me to put a name on what was ailing me and then how to attack it. 2 years ago I was in so much pain I couldn't work for months. My deliverance may have been slow but I have learned so much that I can offer to help others. I believe I'm 98% over this at the time of this posting and by applying what I've learned in the article linked to at the end of this paragraph I expect to be completely healed by the end of the August 2016. At the latest!  You should really take a minute and read it. A few times! If you've been enduring Fibromyalgia you are probably a good candidate for this treatment. If you have a friend or family member with this affliction you just might be able to help them with this information! With everything I've learned about Fibro in the last 2 years everything in this story makes complete sense to me. I knew before I began his recommendation this was the final key to my deliverance! I wish to give the author the full attention he deserves for posting this, so here's the article.

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It's been a learning experience for me also on the dosage of the treatment. Opinions vary. But you can check this post next linked to in this paragraph on what I've learned about this powerful, multi-tasking, natural compound the doctor suggested and I used. A recommended dosage was hard for me to come by. I had to learn by trial and error. If you decide to go by the author's recommendation it just might profit you to learn of what I went through concerning it. Fibromyalgia: My Path To Overcoming
So I didn't get a miraculous healing. (Which is natural healing accelerated. God still has to work within the laws of physics He set up. God can accelerate conditions but it has to be within those laws.) If I would've received a miraculous healing I wouldn't have learned what I did. In which I would have nothing effective to offer to help others take a natural approach to overcoming Fibromyalgia. Did I need a miraculous healing? No. I really didn't. What I... and I'm quite confident what a lot of the millions of Fibro sufferers need... is a nutrient our brains haven't been getting. Lacking due to stress we live with and the consumption of the empty food we're offered from our supermarkets and the fast food industry today.

I'm reminded through this that patience is still a virtue. I know many others have endured this far longer than I. Some with more painful and bizarre symptoms. And I am thankful to God how He has worked with me in the last 2 years of being on this path to recovery, towards my understanding of overcoming Fibromyalgia and my learning of the lack of nutrition in so many "foods" offered today.

America's Food Industry
Another weed of evil blossoming in our culture

I'm not saying all MD's are bad. They aren't. Like everything else in this world there are differences of ways to approaching any challenge. The practical application of the healing arts isn't any different. It's seems a bit extreme to me that today's established mainstream medical field has gone so hard towards the pharmaceutical community's desires. It's in the drugs where the big money is to be made. Where there is big money, there is big influence. Natural approaches to overcoming ailments would directly affect profits up and down the whole way medicine is set up in the U.S. today. Naturally the system needs sick patients. Have you noticed? There is no shortage of them. There's a lot more sickness prevalent today and it's not expected to slow. The love of money is the root of all evil. It's just the root. Hidden away from view. But it's blossoming in the physical realm with all these sicknesses! He that hath eyes to see let him see!

Have you seen all the stories about how folks overcame cancer, diabetes and more by their incorporation of changing their diets and exercising regularly? Probably not much! If any at all. I have. They're out there.

I am convinced God can show anyone of His children that has the willingness (and patience!) when there is no other source to learn from or to go to get a need met. God promises to meet all our need while we are in this world. And He is faithful! His Word is His Will. His Word is faithful. And I am blessed to share what I've learned in assisting others overcome Fibro. To enable them to get to where they may also claim as I do that, "I am cured of the 'incurable' baby!" And in this post, Fibromyalgia: My Path To Overcoming that shows the learning I picked up going down this trail.

Remember ya'll... just cuz the world offers that which looks good and everybody's doin' it don't mean it's the right thing for you.
As for me, 
I trust God!

If this post has helped you or a family member or friend you shared this post with,
please come back and leave a comment on your experience with Fibro.
I would love to rejoice with you in the deliverance!

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- Published 07/30/2016