A New Day Dawns In America

January 20, 2017. Donald Trump was sworn in as POTUS. Elected on his "Make America Great Again" promise. Maybe, just maybe this country of ours can get back on track.
Our politicians have been allowed to build themselves up to elitist status in their own minds and it's been going on for way too long. They pass laws for the citizens of our nation and exempt themselves from it. Thanks to Pelosi we now know they don't even read the bills before they vote on them. They have way too much available to them in salary, benefits and staff. I been saying for more than a decade that we need to get someone in the office of the President that's not a career politician. Well we've got that now. And he's someone that wants to stop this downward, socialist spiral we've been on. Someone that's willing to do what the vast majority of Republicans refused to do. Stand up to the godless, anti-American Democratic Party!

 How can I call them that? Because they are! Ever notice socialists are always talking about "moving forward?" But they don't clarify as to where. It's just away from the Constitution. And I'd say America got tired of it as the Democratic Party got decimated in the 2016 election having lost over 1,100 seats in state and federal government since the 2008 election and has only 5 states left where they have a majority in the congress and a Democratic Governor. Not that you'll hear the Dems admit it or the majority of the MSM reporting it. It's the Democrats that forced political correctness on our culture, it's the Democrats that booed the inclusion of God into their 2012 platform, it's Democrats burning the American flag during protests, (just one of many YouTube videos on the matter. If you watch this one be advised, the young woman with the microphone has a limited vocabulary by the vulgarity she's restricted to using) it's the Democrats breaking down the lines of morality, it's the Democrats that pitch a fit when they lose power. Like the "inauguration boycott" escalated by Congressman John Lewis (D) (GA) best known as a civil rights icon having been associated and marched with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and for getting hit in the head during a march. But it's never told you by the MSM the person that attacked him was a Democrat.

If you follow on TheHolleringStump.com on Facebook or Twitter you've seen that the DNC and/or its funders pay protesters. (As opposed to the Tea Party protests about 4-6 years ago which was completely organic.) That the Dems are training protesters. That Joe Biden's last speech was a warning the progressive Democratic world order is at risk of collapse. How Obama is having a brick wall built around his new residence even though he doesn't "believe" in borders for our nation. Seen the other night the ACLU doesn't want the police body cameras recording unless the officer(s) get into a situation (and yet they demand body cameras when they vaunt a racial story.) Reality doesn't matter to these idealists.

Anti HillaryTake this whole "Russia hacked the election" line the Democrats and media keeps yacking about. You really have to pay attention to the words they use. They will twist words and wording to "create" a narrative which leads uniformed people to believe the narrative. It's the same tactic used in twisting Scripture into denominations. The election wasn't hacked. the Clinton's campaign chairman Podesta's laptop was hacked! (How attentive is he concerning cyber security? After it came out his password was "password" I'll bet he's more concerned now!)  It exposed a lot of shady communications in the Clinton Campaign. Which has never and will never be denied. Did that information have an effect on the election? Maybe on some uniformed fence riders maybe but not very likely. Even if it did the truth shouldn't hurt.

Even when the light shines on their deeds an attempt will be made to transform it to something else to take the blame off of themselves. Have you noticed how the south has always been blamed for the Civil War? It wasn't "the south." It was the Democrats. They've been very successful in removing themselves from fault on that. How about the numerous broken treaties with the Native Americans during pre-Civil War expansion? (Which was before the Republican Party came into existence.) It wasn't the government. It was the Democrats. Who initiated the KKK? Who murdered Abraham Lincoln? Who fought Civil Rights? Who's more concerned about the "rights" of illegal immigrants than our own military veterans? Who doesn't want the death penalty for horrific crimes but nods in approval over killing unborn babies? Who whines about the electoral college (following our Constitution) when they don't win? The same people that didn't know the 2016 Democratic Party Presidential Primaries were rigged for Hillary don't have a clue that the United States of America is NOT A DEMOCRACY! It's my personal opinion the leadership of the DNC promotes ignorance by their narrative and insisting on what is taught (or not taught) in schools through unions concerning the founding of the U.S. and its history. They keep twisting words to come up with the narrative they want believed. Regardless of accuracy. They bypass sound thinking and play on people's emotions. Have you heard what these Trump-win protesters have been saying? They all have one thing in common. Fear. Fear on losing this, fear on losing that. Fear always enslaves. 
Propagated by the Democrat narrative. It was fear in the ruling class that enslaved the Hebrews to Egypt. And the Jews, Gypsies and mentally ill to Nazi Germany. If it's rights for immoral behaviour the snowflakes are afraid of losing well... too bad! History shows accepted immoral behaviour has detrimental effects on a culture. Immoral behaviour is wrong, whether you play with it or not. Your lust is no standard for anything. And neither is there any excuse for damaging personal property and hurting people as the organized demonstrating thugs did in D.C. this day either.

America is not a democracy
And isn't that the crux of the whole political situation in the United States? We have our U.S. Constitution and a Bill of Rights that is intended to be our standard of law. Which makes us a republic. Ignorance of it and the history behind it is why the Democrat Party can prey on the emotions of so many. Our emotions are constantly changing. How can anyone expect to base anything on how one feels at the time? This is why they (liberals) scream for more gun control after a terrible "gun" event occurs. And yet the cities with most gun control for the most part have the highest crime rates. Including murders. (How's all that gun control workin' out for ya'll in Chicago?!)  The political elitists need the American public disarmed to "keep moving forward" with their idea of an America as a democracy. Ignoring the Constitution. If you need it I challenge you to educate yourself. There is so much available in learning the U.S. Constitution and its history. Free even! Like what Hillsdale College offers in online courses. In a democracy everyone is pretty much all miserably equal.

Speaking Of Misery
A Snapshot Of The US Debt Clock At The Moment Trump Became President

A word to the GOP. The American people have shown they are tired of the Anti-American social engineering agenda that's been forced on us and we are sick and tired of your lies to us that you're going to Washington to "fight" for us. A lot of us believe ya'll have pretty much laid down the last few years, intimidated by the tactics of the left including their lap dog media outlets. Do your damn jobs! Read the bills that come up for a vote before you vote on it. Ya'll ain't gotta listen to a thing the Democrats or the MSM whine about. They got thumped! Trump would not have won this election if he played by the rules the political elite have made for themselves. He won as Republican. No he's not one of you career politicians. That's a good thing! Instead of whining about him how about taking some notes?
And quit referring to America as a democracy. Ya'll show your ignorance of the Constitution every time you do that. The Republican Party has an opportunity here. To bring up and educate citizens every opportunity they have on the Constitution. Ya'll put all these licensing requirements on us pursuing professions but nobody has to be licensed in running for office in their knowledge of the Constitution and/or the genuine history of this nation? Ignorance of this amongst the populace has gotten us to where we are. Proper teaching can eliminate a lot of strife.
We have a new President. That rose from the ranks of the citizens. That is not a career politician. Promising to put America first. And is serious about restoring America's faded glory. Some of us have been here before. The day Ronald Reagan first took office. 

A new day dawns in America!

Anti Obama

Where there is no vision [no revelation of God and His Word], the people are unrestrained;
But happy and blessed is he who keeps the law [of God].
Proverbs 19:18 (AMP)
- Published 01/27/2017