Birds Of A Feather

“Birds of a feather flock together.” We’re all familiar with that phrase. Usually referring to how folks with similar interests congregate. It’s like that in all of life. Things that are the same are attracted to each other. It also silently suggests that things opposite of one another tend to repel each other. This simple proverb accurately describes so much of life. It’s all around us! In the animal kingdom, in business, in politics, in hobbies, in all of physics. Spiritually as well. It’s why friendships are formed, business contracts are signed and organizations are established.

The human mind is the only thing I’m aware of that has the capability to consider and choose to pursue what it is attracted to. Think about it. In all the rest of physics (the physical realm) it just happens. Naturally! It is mind blowing to me to realize every particle in this realm has gravity associated with it. In space, the physical heavens, a weightless environment, all matter down to the size of an atom has this attracting effect and has over millenniums... due to this internal attraction... built all the matter we have surrounding and including us. Stars are always producing atoms and shooting them out into space. When atoms get close enough together for their gravities to interact they bind. This is what builds the elements. Elements then, having more mass and as such more gravity, attracts more matter to itself on our perceivable scale. This is what builds the planets, asteroids, comets and everything in the universe. And continues to build! It just does. But… the human mind has the ability (outside of the basic needs) to consider and choose to pursue that which it is attracted to.

I find it interesting that we are so hardwired to be attracted to light. How light has survived countless generations to be used as a figure of speech concerning spiritual truth. (But then I have no doubt this concept was introduced to man by God Hisself!) We are all scurrying about on this innumerable amount of atoms collected together which formed this rock we call Earth checking out all the shiny objects looking for truth. For the answers to the questions we have. What is right. What is wrong. How to live. The concepts of what we consider “right” is what we choose to live by. We find “our” concepts in each other and are naturally attracted to them but by choice pursue or not. As time goes on and by trial and error we develop a faithfulness to that which we see brings the results we want. And to the relationships we build with those that think and live the same. Likewise, we reject any thinking or those that believe contrary to what we hold to. The level of rejection based on the level of disagreement.

This Faithfulness To An Idea, Concept Or Others Is What We Call “Loyalty.”

The root word of “loyalty” is “loyal”. The definition of loyal by Webster’s 1913 dictionary is…
  1. Faithful to law; upholding the lawful authority; faithful and true to the lawful government; faithful to the prince or sovereign to whom one is subject; unswerving in allegiance.
  2. True to any person or persons to whom one owes fidelity, especially as a wife to her husband, lovers to each other, and friend to friend; constant; faithful to a cause or a principle.]
Loyalty between humans has over our history built survival skills, trade, civilizations, nations and a global society. Loyalty to ideas have led to discoveries, inventions and more. Loyalty, as in everything else it seems when man is concerned, can used to either build or destroy. Men working together united by a common cause, loyal to it (first) and each other (second) can bring much good into the world, such as the Founding Fathers did in bringing forth the United States of America. It can also bring much evil as it did with Nazi Germany. It is loyalty to principle and purpose that binds men together into an effort to bring something, good... or evil, to pass. Division within the cause obviously would thwart any attempt at either. In American politics for example, there are two major political parties. At election time we are basically forced to choose one of the two. While the Constitutionally uneducated flock behind the candidate they become loyal to, patriots today, loyal to the Constitution over personalities are more concerned with who will do the least amount of damage to the Constitution. Although each citizen is responsible to be informed of the standard of governing for our nation at the federal level and to be informed of the history of our nation the vast majority choose not to be. Without that knowledge how could anyone possibly understand what it is to be American? Or form an educated opinion concerning the issues of the day? Let alone voice one! How can someone be loyal to a nation or state they know actually little about? Just because one “lives here” is no foundation to base your involvement. (i.e. Illegal immigrants.) Handicapped by ignorance what do you have to actually stand on politically other than your feelings? You and I both know feelings can shift like sand does in dunes in a hard wind. Over a period of time the whole landscape changes.

Misplaced Loyalties Through Ignorance Has Eroded The American Landscape

This is what has been changing the U.S. for decades. Americans, ignorant of their own history and own form of government form political allegiances with those that “feel” like they do and over time has changed the American landscape so much I doubt the Founders would recognize it. The progressive, socialist change is and has been occurring slowly as to make it less uncomfortable to an ignorant general public. How is this happening? Because loyalties for the most part are given to personalities… men and women of the day that tell us they’ll do what we want… instead of being placed where they rightly belong, to the Constitution of the United States of America. THEE absolute standard of governing these United States. In our ignorance we’ve gotten the idea (from politicians no doubt!) that politicians are our leaders. These politicians don’t know much more about the Constitution than anyone else in the general public. They’ve convinced themselves they are “leaders”, that they are to “lead” us. They talk about “leading America into the future” and “America moving forward.” This line of thought is unconstitutional. It is a socialist line of thinking. If you understand the Constitution at all you know it was designed and expresses the will of the Founding Fathers to keep government out of our way! Not lead or push us! With checks and balances installed on Federal government to thwart any attempts at centralizing authority which would in turn lead to government overriding the will of the people. (Which happens continuously anyways these days, btw.) To keep government from limiting your God-given right to free will… to freedom.

This may explain to you as to why your Marine and other military veteran friends are so hard core when it comes to the Constitution. We took an oath to defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic. I can’t speak for the other services but am confident many feel the same as the vast majority of Marines. That being, this oath does not have an expiration date. It was the taking of this oath of enlistment at an earlier age that got myself and others to take the U.S. Constitution seriously. (After all… we ought to know something about what it is we are willing to die for don’t’cha think?!) It’s the growth of awareness of American trials and tribulations that leads anyone that studies it into a love for this country. Love not based on emotion or personal experience but truth. The truth of the facts as they relate to our history and our Constitution. Out of love for the country as it was founded, today’s patriots are as a sentry on post in their spheres of influence, loyal to insuring the Constitution is not only safe, but being adhered to as by those holding office in all branches of government as well. God’s Word has a term similar for that attentive mindset of a patriot that applied to the His people, the Hebrews, of the Old Testament. They were called “watchmen.”

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A watchman of the O.T. was sound in body and mind and was given the responsibility of becoming aware of any danger as far away as his senses would allow. This would include thunder and wind storms, wildfire, roving bands of thieves, a foreign army and such. These watchmen are known to be have been posted on the wall of a city. In specific intervals depending on the light available. Closer together at night, farther apart in the day. They would be watching outward, away from the city, scanning the visible distance to the horizon for any approaching threat to the people of the city. Watching inward for fire or mischief I believe would be another responsibility. If a hazard was perceived by the watchman, he was expected to sound a warning. A call to action to contain the threat. A watchman’s duty was to be on constant guard, looking for and gathering all information possible concerning any danger to the people. Once identified and analyzed as a threat, it would be announced and word would spread among the people to set themselves for what they were about to face. To prepare themselves to take the necessary action to save the community. Without the watchmen the city would have little advance warning and little time to prepare, giving the unwanted circumstance an advantage. Which would obviously give the people unwanted consequence. An excellent watchman was serious about his responsibility to God and His people and dedicated to his service. He knew he was the eyes, ears and voice of warning to the people that would unite them to face a common threat.

In our time, in this Grace Administration in which it is available to be born spiritually, God’s household still has a need for watchmen. Spiritual patriots, so to say. Men and women as the same mentality as the watchmen of the Old Testament or as today's Marine on duty, but enabled and trained spiritually. To watch over and protect Zion. Disciples established in God’s Word by way of training and experience and in possession of all the armor and weaponry available provided by God it is on Zion’s walls today these brothers and sisters stand diligent in their watch. Watching for any threat to the brethren. Not hesitant to analyze and warn of any possible danger. From outside the walls and from within.

Misplaced Loyalty In God’s Household Is As Sand In The Wind
And Erodes The Landscape Of Zion

Threats... I’ve observed to God’s household are overcome as God's Word instructs us. The brethren standing together in unity on the premise, “It Is Written” concerning the situation. By going to, understanding and properly applying the standard of life. By way of the people keeping the Truth of God’s Word in the forefronts of their minds and actions, God is able to move and energize in His people to overcome the threat. There may be trial and tribulation but if held to, the survivors... the remnant, will always see God’s Word prevail and spiritual unity remain within the household. The threats from outside faced together it seems is easy for everybody to be loyal first to God and then each other by way of his rightly divided Word as all are united. There is much learning available from the experiences and the victories bring us closer together. Threats from the inside however can be most difficult. If it wasn’t so serious I might be amused at how easily many that should be and are considered disciples are so easily swayed by emotion when one of their leadership is brought to question. Many of us have seen it before. I can understand how this happens. Over years of exposure to genuine service, people will truly love their leader… or coordinator if you will... as it should be. At any level of the Tree. If not diligent however, that love will nudge their loyalty from where it should be, on the rightly divided Word of God, onto the coordinator. If that leader strays from the standard without or rejects reproof and is allowed to continue, it will slowly but surely lead the people under their office away from the family faith to consequence. Because loyalty is misplaced, many that should be watchmen relax and may even fall asleep. Nobody sounds the alarm on that which was sustaining them has been contaminated. The people will continue to feed on that which weakens them. Then... when a watchman or watchmen that have remained diligent and having the evidence to support rebuke does sound the alarm, the people being weakened due to their diet, and having unknowingly given over their allegiance masked as love to that person are shocked upon hearing the alarm. Spread over time, the nuances of course misdirection are not observed or if observed dismissed because of misplaced loyalty. When that happens enough times as the body of believers get weaker and led farther off the course intended for them, someone that is trained to watch and needed by the spiritually young to watch, will instead turn their head so as to not get involved. By watchmen I mean mature disciples, elders and gift ministries.

As A Spring Shower Freshens The Air So Is The Sweet Scent Of Revival 

By way of observation over time it is available to see the fruit of anyone’s leadership manifested in the body being led. When diligent watchmen sound the alarm for a call to action though out the people after proper, previous efforts have failed in reproof and correction offered to well-known leadership within the body there are basically two responses amongst the people. Those diligent in their watch within their sphere of influence will be relieved action is finally being taken and are vindicated for the stand they took having prepared those that may have dismissed the alarm. Those not so diligent will be shocked as they had no “perception” of what was going on around them. They feel emotionally drawn to the leader brought to question out of the “unauthorized” love they have for that person. Some will overcome the temptation to go emotional and overcome the anxiety situations such as this attempt to initiate. Others… not so much. I’ve seen it before. They will allow their emotions to take them further off the Word than where they’ve been led by the one in question. Not wanting to know the details available out of fear of being “contaminated” they begin causing mischief, hurt and... as one bird leaves the roost of the flock and takes with him other birds to another tree... division within the body. The discontent will flock to the unrepentant leader. And they continue on their wayward course. All this, brought on themselves by their misplaced loyalty to the one that led that particular group (size is irrelevant) to ultimately becoming weak and off course. Allowing the love they have in their heart for that leader to rise up and above the love they have for God. Having focused on a personality other than where it should be. On the standard that is bigger than any personality. And time. And space. That standard being…

“It Is Written.”