Legality And Morality

A favorite saying of mine since the mid 80's when I saw it in God's Word for myself goes like this. "Just because it's legal or illegal doesn't make it right or wrong." This enlightenment penetrated my young mind and solidified my commitment in pursuing biblical research.  This world will never know the "utopia" many crave and strive for. Founded on what they think is best. For everybody. So much so systems of laws are and have been used throughout history to force compliance on those that disagree with whatever is being pressed on them. Shame of non-compliance is a favorite weapon of choice by the aggressive whose ideas are not sound. Modernized today in China with the social credit system they're developing complete with street cameras in cities and facial recognition capabilities. Here in America "political correctness" is used to herd hearts towards socialism. But here in America we have a Bill of Rights in our Constitution of which we recognize we have the freedom of speech, the freedom to assemble peaceably, the freedom to worship as one sees fit if at all, the freedom to defend oneself are just a few of many given us by our Creator and is not to be interfered with. Not in America. By government or political correctness.

Both legality and morality are subjective, in doctrine and practice, to every human heart. In a healthy, civil society as one grows one learns morality first... and is given many opportunities during growth to overcome the temptations we have to go against and through in learning what is perceived as good in any situation. In the United States of America what is perceived as "good" by the vast majority of citizens... whether they know it or not... comes to us by way of the Holy Bible. It was a knowledge of history, philosophy, political science and yes... of scripture the founders used in their approach to the Declaration of Independence as well as the foundational documents in the American experiment of Constitutional Republicanism. Of citizenship self-rule.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness
- Preamble to the Declaration of Independence
I share this with you to inform or remind you that the United States was not founded to be a democracy. The only reason it's called that today is because that is what the socialists in our culture started calling it back in the late 1800's when socialism started becoming popular in Europe. Although thanks to all the bureaucracy given us by Democrats over the last 130 years or so our government today runs somewhat like a democracy. Which is why before 2016 it didn't matter much who was in the majority or the President. All this bureaucracy is socialist in nature and has been eroding the foundation of our liberty slowly over time. The United States is in fact a Constitutional Republic. In which we have recognized God-given individual rights engraved in our founding that curtails the power our government has over us. Us the citizenry. We the people recognize every citizen (CITIZEN) has basic, fundamental rights that cannot be just swept away. To the point we are expected... by the Founders... not to be defenseless towards any one that would immorally deny us of our well-being, possessions or movement and including even our own government should tyranny arise. The people recognize self defense is given us by the Creator. We have our Constitution which includes for us our Bill of Rights and the electoral college. This is political freedom the people of this nation know, or are supposed to know, that this is what separates us from all other nations in the history of political science. We are a nation of the self-governed.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America
-Preamble to the U.S. Constitution

It is evident there is evil in the world. You recognize it by its fruit. The Founders knew, as you should too as history has plenty of examples, of what happens when evil is allowed to breathe in a culture. How it leads a populace to accept and/or commit heinous acts against others. Evil is not conducive to any civil society. This happens on larger scales when people without integrity are given or take authority in the name of the people. But how do they get there? Well... As John Adams put it, "Public virtue cannot exist in a Nation without private Virtue, and public Virtue is the only Foundation of Republics." Or Benjamin Franklin perhaps. "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom." Do you know what "virtue" means? It's defined by as "moral excellence; goodness; righteousness. Conformity of one's life and conduct to moral and ethical principle; uprightness; rectitude." Whether you believe it or not, indeed whether you like it or not, the Founders of the United States of America went to the Holy Bible for this virtue in the forging of this nation. The roots of our freedom run deep... not in a political party... but in scripture. And history's lessons. Politically we were expected to be loyal first to the Constitution. "We the People." Remember? It is because of an allegiance to and dependance on political parties this nation has become so divided. Like the Framers saw could happen and we are currently experiencing. Many believe we haven't been this divided as a nation since just prior to the Civil War. And we are divided because too many cannot overcome the temptation to disregard what is written not only in the Constitution but in the foundation for what is our virtue. The written Word of God.

Unable to submit to the righteousness (right living) found in what our nation was built on spiritually and politically this leaves many to turn inward and figure out for themselves what is right. This is by design. Being ignorant of virtue, history and politics people are without a foundation towards building any genuine knowledge or understanding... making them to easily be swayed with lies, false accusation and fear. From their own kind. People seemingly full of lies, false accusations and fear. They all fall victim to being blown about with every wind of doctrine. It is this fear fed on which makes them agitated... highly emotional... lawless being the end game. On the way building up disrespect and hatred to those that don't ride the wave of political correctness where they themselves define what is virtuous. Virtue based on their "feelings." How they "feel" regardless of any facts that shows how destructive that approach is to any issue. This self-induced ignorance has caused many to withdraw themselves from America loving patriots to become the hateful socialists they are trained to be. Exhibiting all the behaviour we are encouraged in scripture to avoid. Sexual deviants. Liars. Accusations are flung from the tongue flying through the air without merit. Deliberately deceitful are they in how they move the boundaries of language twisting and changing the definitions of words to rationalize their irrational and undisciplined thinking and behaviour to themselves and to those that give them ear.  They are murderers. Baby killers. But let's call it what it is. Modern day child sacrifice. Without the pagan ceremony and furnace/god known as "Baal."

Many see this division among the American populace as a fight between good and evil. Both sides would be right. But who is it that decides what is good? What is right? What is righteousness? Who gets to decide what is right living? Man? Ha! That's how we got in this mess in the first place! History students see the mess just keeps recycling century after century, millennium after millennium as kingdoms rise and fall. But the written Word of God is still here. Offering instruction. Received by the called. It is a fight between good and evil. Not so much between Democrat and Republican. Not between socialists and patriots. Peel off the layers of deception and I believe many would agree with me. This division is for the most part between the people that feed on fear and the people that feed on believing generated at least somehow in the modern multi-fissured Judean/Christian doctrine. By that I mean specifically Christians. And Jews also. We all may have our differences but in the world it seems we do make logical allies. I speak this to encourage unity of purpose (at least politically) to all those that believe and do their diligent best for the one true God. The God of Abraham. The God of Israel. The God of Moses. The God and Father of Jesus Christ.

 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty
2 Corinthians 3:17
Spiritually Christians are to be one body. (Not the bride! That's the Jews.) Born again Christians are the spiritual body of Christ in the world. We plainly see the diversities among those called to this body. There are many that are uncomfortable with or wish to ignore politics and don't understand why so many Christians get involved. Likewise, the involved may not understand why some don't participate in politics knowing it is a front of our adversary where he needs to be met. Remember we all have our own walks in life. We are members of a one body. Some will be more equipped and energized to be in the political arena than others and that's ok. Be thankful Christians are in that fight. Just as they should be thankful for whatever front others may take on. We are to love each other and it don't hurt to appreciate whatever the brethren are doing to pursue justice and judgement. Whichever arena you should find yourself in you should be as prepared as much as possible. There is a fight on for the soul of America. There is an establishment of those that have mistakenly come to the belief they are "elite". This establishment is made up of global socialists on both sides of the aisle. It does not like being rocked and it is being rocked. Many are sure at least some "elites" will be made to answer for their behaviour after the Durham criminal investigation is released the spring or summer of 2020. These "elites" truly believe they are above the law and it may not be pretty. If you feel it's time for you to get better informed and more involved I can assure you it is never too late to get into at least somewhat of a habit to read and/or study the scriptures and/or politics on a consistent basis. I have some resources you can check out on the "Restore The Republic" page in the Related Links below.

Politically The United States of America is a Republic. Where individual rights are respected. NOT a democracy... which is really nothing more than mob or majority rule.  Democracy is soft socialism and leads to socialism. Socialism is soft tyranny which in turn leads to communism. Communism is tyranny full blown and does not respect individual rights as people are considered a resource for those in power. Ever read Marx?! Communism is NOT American!
We are living in historic times people. The global socialists will always be unrelenting in their lust for power over the working class such as being witnessed now in the attempt to force a confrontation in the disarming of Americans in Virginia. Where the NRA just happens to be headquartered. They have to be put out of office and out of the bureaucracy that is the swamp of American politics. Having witnessed Soviet style tactics in the Trump impeachment investigations and unConstitutional gun control measures being introduced in Virginia, Michigan and Washington recently at the time of this writing, I sense this evil is much bigger than we know, on the rise and on the move. The disregard for our rule of law is and has been unsettling! Having been a dedicated biblical research student for going on 40 years and a serious political science student for about 35 years I feel I can't express enough that we have gotten to this point because of ignorance. Ignorance of accurate spiritual and political knowledge. It's by design! Remember all those years we were told it's not polite to talk about religion and politics? It was to get us to not pay attention to either and get us to a point like this where the rule of law... and reality itself!... is what the "elites" say it is! That has never been an American construct! But all is not lost. Ignorance is overcome with right teaching. And there is much right teaching available. Scripturally and politically. Occurring now I believe is ignorance being corrected across the nation in the minds of many sleeping patriots.

We can still leave liberty secure in the United States of America for the next generation. The more people involved the more effect our stand for freedom becomes. Spiritually first always but politically too. It's gotta be a lot easier to think, speak and do God's Word if it's not against the law! Personally, if America was to fail in my lifetime I will not be accused by history of being likened to the German people just before Nazism was accepted in their culture then. Compliant. Comfortable. Ignorant.
2020 is going to be a historic year. It could get rough but take heart! Our God is able to save us by many or by few!
Keep the faith! No matter what the world throws at you!

Live Love! Whether you feel like it or not!

Our King returns for us soon! Justice is coming!


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- Published 01/03/2020