The "Great Awakening" Is On!

I am so excited this morning I don't know where to start. I could work today but we do have rain coming in, it's cold out there, this is my slow season and although I'm just a bit behind I have to take this day to share what's on my heart before it explodes! I've gotta settle down some. I know! I'll put on some Metallica. That normally helps. The coffee's kicking in. That ain't gonna help! I could hardly sleep last night and woke up like this. Relieved. Confident. Excited. Ya know how things worked for are so much more deeply appreciated once appropriated? How God's timing in teaching is so perfect to those that have surrendered to Christ as one is led by the spirit? How amazing the Body of Christ is as we are individually energized where needed for the good of the Body? I got the coffee going, walked into my living room and thought I am starting this day with a prayer for our President. For his physical and mental strength. For wise counsel. For protection for him and all those around him. Then. As I began to realize it I started to thank God for allowing us to retake our country. I began expressing my joy through a constant flow of tears. And could barely speak for a spell. I learned long ago when riding the highs and lows of life you've just gotta let it out! And I did. But now I'm shaking from the damn coffee! Or the 'tallica. I better switch to Christian. Ok. Let's go.

Back when W bailed out the financial industry from all the bad loans they were forced to make because of Democrat policies of the time I sensed there was an evil in our government that was historically terrible. Through the years I paid attention to politics more intently. Technology advanced making way for alternate sources for information and platforms for anyone to be heard. A digital replication of the world of men. I got deeper into self-study of political science. Having charged into this arena a decades-long disciple of Christ, I wasn't shy to speak up in public and on social media of what I was learning and seeing where those in public office were screwing things up. Since I got me a smartphone not all that long ago (or so it seems. But don't allow me to progress into a digress. Did'ja like that? Anyways,) I tied more into YouTube and into some great podcasts that accelerated my understanding from just doing searches and deepened my vision. To the point these last few months I thought I might be going nuts. (Remember this meme from 2 months ago?!) From what I've been hearing, reading, studying I had a hard time believing what I was seeing. (Hence those comments I've made saying, "It just keeps getting worse!") That being just how badly evil is present in our government. Although it is most visibly seen being orchestrated by way of the Democrat Party there are key Republican players also. I've been sharing what I've been learning on my fb personal page as I learned it. Normally giving it a day or two before sharing to make sure I wanted to say it. It's that evil! Some stuff I haven't mentioned. I've just recently started sharing some of my thoughts to my Stump page on fb where I'd like to think I have a respectable following. Why? Because just as I attempted to prepare those of the ministry I was affiliated with changes were coming without saying what the changes were a few years ago I am attempting to prepare those that love this nation about the evil I see being exposed to the American public. I don't care where you lean politically. Some years ago I shared what I had learned of the so called "spiritual awakenings" that America has experienced. Pre-Revolutionary and pre-Civil Wars. And perhaps the time Rev. Billy Graham was preaching. I shared that it was time for another. This nation has been under a political spell cast by immoral politicians and news outlets for decades. I am thrilled to realize "The Great Awakening"... as it's being called today... is occurring.

Where We Go One We Go All

I learned this by way of a new source I've picked up. Which could have been an old source as I had heard of it when it first came out about two years ago. But I dismissed it without really checking into it. I was really getting into AR15's at the time and was on my second build as I recall. Having spent however the last two days checking into I now find mind blowing that for me it is serving as confirmation of so much I've been seeing and saying. Straight from President Trump and his team! (You are welcome to my last fb post about it from February 9, 2020 (link below.) This was one day before I found this "new" source.) Through "Q." Someone or some people close to the President geting information to the patriots of this nation bypassing the MSM with a backchannel. I've got links to information I've seen the last few days below for you to dive into yourself. Take some time and get caught up on this if you're just becoming aware of this. For you to see this for yourself. It takes a minute to figure out some of the simple coding but there are sites to help you get up to speed with it in the links below. I pray this will bring you at least a fraction of the relief and thankfulness I'm experiencing this day that the fight for America's soul is being won. But for now may you find comfort in realizing...
  • The President and his team are aware of what they are up against
  • Things concerning why things are allowed to continue is by design
  • This has been ongoing longer than we know
  • The corrupt and the treasonous have walked into a trap they cannot escape
That enough for now? lol! I am filled with rejoicing today to know we have an amazing President who is keeping the promises he made while campaigning. And more! Like figuring out a way to communicate these things with the American people without breaking any laws! Please pray and continue in prayer for our President, his team, the congressmen and senators that are in the fight in taking back our nation from the global socialist elitists that have lied, cheated and murdered their way into American politics. Notice I didn't call them "leaders." Our politicians are not our leaders! This is a socialist term injected into our thinking by those that would have us subservient to them. (Maybe I'll do a post sometime on the phrases similar I've picked out over the years. You might be surprised.)

Did you notice during the New Hampshire rally on February 11, 2020 when the President mentioned the city of "Concord" multiple times, then made the circle move with his hand twice? I did. I was thinking, "What was that for?!" I knew the history behind the city of Concord during the Revolution that the Americans were strong there and basically taunted the British to try to take it but I didn't know what the circle motion was about. I do now! The Q drop right after that was a re-drop from April 2, 2018 that mentions that city the President mentioned eight times in the speech. (See "Qanon February 10, 2020 - An Informed Public" link below)

Q? Like "QAnon?" Yeeeess. What does QAnon mean? From culture it's defined as "QAnon is the name of a group of conspiracy theorists who follow a mysterious leader named 'Q.'" But what it really is is one or more of Trump's inner circle types getting information out to patriots about the "silent war" that is ongoing in routing out the rats. The President (Q+) and the Q team wants us to know what's going on!

Q Is The Highest Level Of Security Clearance In The United States

If you're just learning of this, how far down the rabbit hole would you like to go? I highly recommend this first video below. Uploaded on YouTube 4/10/2020 it is a documentary of a Hollywood insider (stuntman) becoming aware of the evil running in the background of the entertainment industry. And more. The second video (uploaded 3/6/2019) will reveal to you "The Plan To Save The World." There's a couple more videos in the links below the embedded videos like "Ask The Q" which was published 2/18/2020. From about 2018 the Rogan one linked to below was pretty much how I dismissed all this at the time I first came across Q. About the same time of that broadcast. (I used to have Rogan on my podcast list. Had. Until he came out in support of Bernie. But his audience is pretty much UFC fans I believe.) There are more links below for more information to get you going.

May I close with this for you to consider. I believe we're all going to need some patience as many "wake up." It's gonna be tough. Love is patient. Love is kind. Don't hold it against them. It's going to be a shock I'm sure to those that really thought they were doing their best by supporting those involved in what's coming. If ya ain't already on it well why not? It's time to shine. Always. Live love! We're taking our country back. Let's do it right.

Christian Patriots Take Heart! We ARE WINNING!


Broken Links Left Posted As Casualties Of War

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