The "concept of if" is an interesting thought exercise and worthy of consideration. At least once in your life. If you choose to do so. This concept is expressed verbally with words such as, "perhaps," "maybe," "unless," "lest," "in case" and deal with usually-but-not-always future events and in all cases admits the unknown. Having the ability to recognize a situation that presents a choice to be made... to make a decision of how to proceed, presents concrete evidence of free will. Many times we are confronted with having to have to make decisions concerning aspects of our present and/or future wellness. And... if choosing to do so... in an attempt to assist others of their present and future wellness. In a healthy society nobody wants to make a bad decision. Nobody wants to go in the wrong direction. Nobody wants to give bad information which could lead to a wrong choice and propel someone in the wrong direction that could bring consequence. We endeavour to "cover the bases" so to say. We expect the best but prepare for the worse. Every human uses this "if concept" in securing needs most basic and have become so adept to it in modern time for fundamental supplies... especially in the "developed" nations... being the creatures of habit we are... don't really realize we eliminate fear of failure utilizing it. As long as the sources of supply we trust remain true. If they were to fail what would we do?! Under today's "normal" we function and plan according to our need. For the most part relying on our own ability. The "concept of if" delves into the realm of uncertainty of future events and how to approach them. What if you didn't pay your rent or mortgage for an extended period of time? You would soon be without your basic need for shelter, right? So you do what you need to in securing what is needed in exchange for a place to live. What if you didn't have food? Your body would become malnourished to the point of sickness and death. So you do what you need to towards securing food for whatever time table you're comfortable with. What if your child grew up to be a major pain in the ass to everyone (s)he knows? Anyone that doesn't want that embarrassment deploys the necessary effort into proper parenting to raise their children teaching humility in order to love and respect others. We all deal with the "concept of if" at multiple times throughout our lives to navigate our way through this life to obtain security in many aspects of our lives. Success deemed not only on the need actually being met but in how the need was met.

But what if this "concept of if" was used to guide public opinion towards believing whatever someone or someones wanted others to believe? Whether others like it or not? Whether it's true or not? Whether they want it or not? This is a well known technique used to control the thinking of the masses towards a desired goal and is not some new thing in modern times as it states in scripture (Ecclesiastes 1) there is nothing new under the sun. I can see no other perfect example of exactly why people around the world are currently (at the time of this publication) going through what is taking place at many levels with the fear that is being promulgated over the CCP virus via the corrupt mainstream media and power craved politicians than that which was recorded in God's Word concerning the beginning of the enslavement of God's people thousands of years ago as written in the first chapter of Exodus.

And all the souls that came out of the loins of Jacob were seventy souls: for Joseph was in Egypt already.
And Joseph died, and all his brethren, and all that generation.
And the children of Israel were fruitful, and increased abundantly, and multiplied, and waxed exceeding mighty; and the land was filled with them.
Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.
And he said unto his people, Behold, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we:
10 Come on, let us deal wisely with them; *lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there falleth out any war, they join also unto our enemies, and fight against us, and so get them up out of the land.

Allow me to break down this passage for you. A king had rose to power generations after Joseph saved Egypt from disaster due to an upcoming tremendously terrible 7 year drought. The history of what was done by Joseph (which was a, if not thee, catalyst for Egypt to become the "superpower" of the region) and the nation of Egypt's gratitude became diluted through time. All twelve tribes of Israel (Joseph's family, which started out at seventy) were allowed a citizenship of sorts in the kingdom of Egypt. God's people prospered over this time and multiplied. They were intelligent. They were bright. They added to the culture. They were armed. They increased in number overtaking the majority of the population and showed more success compared to the "original" people of the host nation ("Mightier," verse 9.) God's people pre-Pentecost... pre-Law even... dwelling in peace... among pagans. Until a time the gratitude expressed generations before became intolerable to the "wise guys" in the political realm as believers increased and prospered over a few generations. 

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear

Now. See that * I put in verse 10? That is the "concept of if" right there. This "lest" acted upon is what denied liberty to a people that beforehand was a vibrant role in the culture. What is this "lest" based on? Not unification. Pharaoh didn't go to the nation as a whole. He went to "his" people. Egyptians. With an unfounded fear concerning the people of God that "if" "any" war came along the Israelites "might" side with their enemy. It was through the mind of this pharaoh a false concern over national security was voiced to many of his "kind" that made sense enough to enough cohorts that were willing to follow that lead and enslave the people of God. I'm rather curious as to why the pharaoh and his advisors didn't just go talk to the Israelites and negotiate an alliance. The pharaoh's fear of the loss of Egyptian control over the land must've been great. Once enslaved ancient birth control techniques were ordered towards an attempt at depopulation in killing male born infants of Israel. At birth. Quite possibly the first anti-semitic this pharaoh. Cra-a-azy how after thousands of years that hatred is still breathing and prevalent today.

2 Timothy 1:7 - Bible Verse - Sticker | TeePublicIt is this same sense of the "concept of if" that is based in speculation, imagination and fear of loss that is used by the mainstream medias and the shrills of today to promote fear. Hypothetical situations of unknown events and/or consequences for not following seemingly "wise" advise are offered continuously in an effort to control the narrative. Which is controlling information. Which in turn controls populations. Whether it is based on fact or fiction. There is always some truth woven into these suspicions but is almost always laced with wrong analysis purposely knit together into a spoken reality looking for acceptance among those that are deceived and/or weak in critical thinking. These are those that have very little historical knowledge and put very little effort into verifying the information they are receiving. These folks are being lazy with their personal responsibility of being accurately informed and have become dependent on mainstream media sources. If they're even interested at all. It is these that choose ignorance and/or are well versed in the false narrative that... because of believing wrong information and having no accurate history or sources to draw from... are susceptible to control by way of their emotions and can be easily provoked and inflamed. I know. I used to be there. From God's Word we know there are two motivations in life. Love and fear. Genuine love unifies. Encourages. Strengthens. Fear causes quite the opposite. It divides, it is disrespectful, it discourages with worry and doubt. Which causes more fear. And weakens any good intending individual or group. 

The Purpose Of The Mainstream Media Is To Control Information

Think about that term. "Mainstream Media." Don't all the "newscasters" (maybe more like "spellcasters!") on the national level all basically sound the same? You may be as surprised as I to learn it is not much different on the local level. Same phrases, same sources (if any), same catch phrases even. Encouraging and promoting anything that goes against a genuine pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Which is exactly what today's Democrat Party pushes for. And the majority of famous people (celebrities) support. Any reasonable person should be able to see a free press would be independent of influence but that is not what we've had for many decades now. But now that it has been exposed to be the "fake news" that it is there is many new sources that are rising in our time remaining true to the higher standards of the profession. Actual journalism that is based on facts and not on speculation. If you weren't aware of this method of attack on free speech watch for it when absorbing "news." The "concept of if" will be used over and over again when first attempting to drive a narrative until it lodges in people's minds when then it can be discussed as if it were truth. Repetition is relied upon to convince many whether the facts support the premise or not. The "I'm hearing about it from all over so it must be true" approach. We've seen this quite well with the initiation of the "Russian collusion" hoax and then how it was discussed in the msm and politicians. Then this misinformation was acted on by members of Congress in the whole Russian collusion Mueller investigation hoax. For more than two years the public was fed lies about the President in an attempt at a coupe to remove him from the office that the American people elected him to. They did this with only the deceived's support. Phrases like, "If this were true," "If that happened" "if it goes this way" were and are used directing the thinking of those consuming the offerings. Not based on any genuine evidence. All based on speculation. And then some speculation on what was speculated previous! This is a terrible evil that is designed and used to create lies and confusion out of thin air. Done purposely. To mislead. To draw everyone into the "mainstream." The mainstream of the world. Brought to us today by "Operation Mockingbird." 

To be sure this tactic isn't and hasn't been exclusive to media outlets and corrupt politicians. We read what happened to the Israelites in Egypt. You think it might'a happened once or twice since then? I've seen many I've shared God's Word with over the years use it to cling to the fear they refuse to acknowledge. If you have an evangelistic mindset you've probably witnessed the same at some point as you've reached out to others. I... and I've seen others also... use the if concept towards guiding thinking towards points attempting to be made. The if concept can be and we do (most of the time profitably I pray!) use it properly as we live our lives. As always the difference is motivation. What is motivating the conversation and ultimate goal? Is the motivation love? Transparency, honesty and an expectation of unification with knowledge based on proper understanding of the truth? (Or facts.) Or is the movitaton fear? Fear of being on the wrong side? Fear of being wrong? Of not getting what you want regardless of what it does to others? Doubt and worry of not achieving what is desired discourages minds  and can lead to fear which in turn leads to agitation and/or jealousy and/or greed and keeps people from utilizing critical thinking. All an orchestrated effort to keep many from going outside the mainstream. Where the wannabe elites' provided groupthink is. Using the individual's fear of loss and desire for acceptance against us, the world puts on a display of misinformation to deceive the chosen and separate and herd unbelievers together to mass strength and trains them to shame by way of showing hostility (hatred) towards those that that refuse to go along with what they say is best for everybody. Those that refuse to be moved by fear use their critical thinking to see past the error, the bait of tyranny and offer love and support to anyone who... perhaps... maybe if... could possibly might see what's really going on beyond the seemingly hardened veil of misinformation received by the senses. And believe.

We Would All Be Wise To Utilize Critical Thinking
At Every Opportunity To Break The Spell
Put On Us By Those That Promote Misinformation
And Emotional Reactions Towards Any Issue


This Is Nine Examples Of 127 Known DNC/Media Ties

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