Red Pilling Tips For Warriors

How do you tell the deceived they are deceived? Every born again Christian believer that gets excited about telling others about the good news of God’s salvation struggles with this early on. But like anything else it takes the actual doing of it to become proficient at it. We all made plenty of mistakes. We still do at times. We learn from our successes and we learn from our failures to be more effective in communicating what we know of God’s Word and politics to others that they may see and come to an understanding of what is really going on in this physical realm. The important thing is to be doing it, continue to do it and continue to grow in your approach to and in ministering to others. It is my intention here to assist the meek in preparing and arming themselves towards being most successful in the effort extended. Spiritually and politically. Witnessing and/or red pilling. 

How do you tell the deceived they are deceived? Start by qualifying the victim. As I see it there are three groups of deceived. One group is quite comfortable living in the deception they’ve allowed even using it to build upon [foundation of sand] and refuse to admit they are deceived. Lest what they’ve built comes crashing down. They will fight to protect it. This group you cannot help. [When Do You Expend Ammo? = They against their enemies [Hate][Destroy]< [Love] [Build Up] Us towards our friends] One group we may help senses things don't seem right and sense something is amiss. But don’t do much towards investigating it for themselves and don’t really talk about what they see to others. They are busy living and enjoying their lives (as much as possible) but not really involved. These may at least be made to be aware. The other group… the ones that are a joy to find… realizes they are deceived [based on what they know of God’s Word or not]... and take the time and the effort to learn the truth. There are many among this group that… regardless of how hard as it is at times… reach out to others with the goal of helping them to overcome the deception. [Love] That they may be made… NOT set!...  free from that deception. From those chains.

We Are Not Going To Be “Set” Free While We Are In The World!

How do you tell the deceived they are deceived? Let’s do a thought experiment. Shall we? Let's say you're sharing an oceanside park bench with a blind man. It's a beautiful summer day, ya'll talk and you feel compassion towards the man that can't fully experience it. How would you describe the ocean beach scene to him? But wait. What if he doesn’t want the scene described? He seems content to feel the breeze and hear the sounds. Would you force yourself on him because you desire him to see what he can’t? Would that be loving? Sucks for him sure but he is satisfied with what he has. Be silent or enjoy his company on other topics. [Probe Gently] Perhaps this blind person hears something and asks what made that sound. You have an open door to expand his awareness with what you see and the description you give. It may lead to another question, it may not. But you are ready to assist [Love] if and whenever needed. Love is patient. [+] Remember? Perhaps this blind person would love for you to describe what is right in front of him. The source of what he can hear. Like if the birds he can hear are in the air or in the water. Like what’s causing the unique sound of a wave crashing onto a certain rock formation? What the rock formation looks like. The shapes, the colors, the moss.  Why at times he feels a mist in the breeze. Along with things he has no awareness of. The family of dolphins swimming by 100 yards out. How the sun causes diamond like sparkles on the tops of the waves. Your specific descriptions cause this person to proclaim, “I so wish I could see these things!” You offer and he accepts healing. It may be tough for you both but eventually his eyes open! He looks! He sees what has been right in front of him the whole time that just beforehand he was not aware of! Rejoicing indeed!

How do you tell the deceived they are deceived? You don’t. You do as I have attempted to show you. You don’t tell them. You show them. And then you show them how. [Critical Thinking] IF they so desire. No one can truly experience anything to its fullest if they cannot “see” it for themselves. This takes desire and effort on the one struggling to see. The expenditure of both [desire and effort] is relevant to how deep a vision one acquires. Start off with the simple things of the unknown to the normies. [Operation Mockingbird] What they can dig in easily for themselves. Whether it be scripture or politics. There should be a sense of what you can share, how much detail you can share and what they should check out for themselves. This isn’t about showing how “enlightened” YOU are. This is about helping the blind to see. By bringing together many sources to build the bigger picture. By making bread out of bread crumbs. [Feed Gently] [Watch Appetite]

Military intelligence is acquired this same way. Becoming aware of bits and pieces of information. From here. From there. From over there. Deciding what is relevant, what is not… for the subject at hand. Then... bringing the relevant intel together to see the bigger picture. Is this not how we study God’s Word? By understanding the verse(s) where it is written, in its immediate context, in its remote context(s), understanding the culture it was written in and how they used words, getting and understanding definitions of the Greek and Hebrew words, the figures of speech used in the Bible and how they relate along with all the other biblical research principles is what brings us to an understanding of God’s Word that is hidden from most. This is critical thinking applied. This is what gives us the potential to penetrate and blow through the firewall of lies installed by Satan and his kingdom of devil spirits and the world of men and become aware of the evil that runs in the background. [Out Of Shadows] Critical thinking is what is enabling us to see the truth of God’s Word and for the truth of the situations around us. Regardless of the constant flow of flaming darts of dis… and mis… information shot at us. We see it. For ourselves. We develop our “internal” vision. Not dependent on photons reaching our physical eyes or vibrations hitting our physical ears but by the Truth of God’s Word we know and the truth of the situations we find ourselves in we see the reality denied others by the enemy’s works. This current plandemic as an example.

In closing I would remind you there is no innocent blood here. There are many brethren deceived that yet fight for the enemy with their dedication to their ignorance. We are taking casualties. We are losing fellow countrymen, friends and family in this war. Those that have died or have been affected negatively by the CCP virus are casualties of war. We have experienced and are enduring broken relationships. I’m sure they’ll come back as they awaken. Be gracious when they do. We have all been deceived. I’m confident the evidence will be overwhelming for even the most hardest of hearts. It won't be much longer before the mass population awakening triggers. As easy as it is to unleash the truth on those that defend evil to beat them back I ask you to remember. We have all screwed up. We’ve aided or provided cover for the enemy at one point or another. But these failures we have learned from. Others have yet to learn it. You may have to take some lashes for them. Do not become offended! [As they do] They get triggered because they don't have the facts right. By going on emotion [As they do] you can get sucked into doing what they do. Accuse [attack] the messenger instead of dealing with the issue. They really know not what they do! I for one will not accuse the brethren. Defend yourself when necessary but disregard [shake the dust] the ones that want to fight you. You may have to use a shock element at times to get the attention of some. Do so with the desire to help. Not to harm. Use not the sword you’ve been issued in vain. Be patient with the ones that want to see. Lest you find yourself alone on your self-elevated lofty perch with your wrong thinking. We are Christian. We are Patriot. As I stated in my “The Great Awakening Is On!” blog post, America is leading the way but we are all united in taking our countries back from this evil that affects us all.

Let’s do it right.

Let's do it in love.

Those That Would Destroy Us With Lies
Will Themselves Be Destroyed With Truth

My Father! I am calling for Your people to rise up and meet the enemy! For the novice believer to commit to Your ways. For the stronger believers to become disciples. For the disciples to become watchmen. For the watchmen to become the warriors needed in this war towards destroying the greatest evil the world has ever known! I thank you Father for the white hats in the United States military that asked President Trump to run for office and implement the plan they devised over many decades to bring dark to light. Thank you for The Great Awakening that has and is bringing so many of Your people together from all around the world in our search for justice and judgement. Thank you also for Your loving grace You bestow on all Your people and protect our bodies and hearts as we do our best in bringing dark to light from becoming anything but victorious in this war. I call for all ranks of our potential power to be manifested to the world of men by your people in the name of our living king and saviour Jesus Christ. Of whom we follow into battle.

-Published 5/29/2020
While in fb jail.
I know.
Information Warfare.

God Wins!