Biblical Research Principles

This page posted to give my readers a foundation towards understanding how I've framed my thoughts with the Scriptures as THE foundation. Don't expect to take all this in at one time or understand exactly how it works right away. Why? It takes time to "retrain" your brain. But the more you learn these principles and apply them in your personal study the easier it does become. Your goal is to renew your mind, change your thinking to Truth (this is what repentance is), thereby transforming yourself into a child of God pleasing your father and allowing yourself to be in a position that the God that created the heavens and earth may bless you abundantly.

I will be referring to these principles occasionally and I'm sure this will aid you in seeing how these principles work. Come back to this page and reread it after reading the latest post once in a while. You will find links in some stories to this page when I reference these principles. And you can always find this page by clicking the center tab directly under Rocky's pic at the top of every page.

It wouldn't hurt any disciple to memorize these all! There is more to consider when reading/studying scripture but what follows is a great start towards discipline in studying!

All Scripture Interprets Itself:
1.    In the verse:
a. Right where it is written.
b. A word or words must be interpreted according to biblical usage.
c. The words must be in harmony with the verse as with all the    
       scriptures relating to the subject.
d. Scriptural Build-up, narrative development.
2.   In the context.
3.   Used before.

Biblical Truths To Adhere To As A Workman Of God's Word:
1.  Get "to whom" correct - administrations.
2. Difficult verse must be understood in light of the clear verses.
3. Interpretation and application are always with respect to whom the passage is addressed   

God's Word Does Not Contradict Itself
 -  All apparent contradictions lie in either your understanding or translation -

Personal Study Makes It Your Own
Seven Steps To Biblical Accuracy:
The individual word must be understood.
2. The words must fit in the verse.
3. The verse must fit with the immediate context.
4. The immediate context must flow with the remote
5. The words must be understood in light of to whom it

     is written.
6. The words must be understood in light of orientalisms, customs and mannerisms.
7. The words must be understood in light of the figures of speech.

Reading For Understanding
Ask yourself, "What is this verse saying?" To better understand what it is saying, ask yourself five other questions.
What is it not saying?
2. What is the opposite of what it is saying?
3. What is unusual about the way in which it is said?
4. What did it mean to the believers of the time?
5. What does it mean to the believers today?

Other considerations would be understanding the culture of the time the book was recorded. Biblical numerical significance. Figures of speech used in the Holy Bible. Learning to use a Greek and/or Hebrew lexicon and other language resources.

Looking for answers can cause some to jump to conclusions. Be patient. Pray for understanding. Stay meek to the fact that you don't know everything. (That shouldn't be too hard!) Realize you may have been taught wrong in the past. Approach the Word honestly and logically. Let it speak for itself. Remember there are aspects of God's Word that have been taught wrong and passed down for generations that the masses today take for truth. So many of God's people through out time have wanted to know Him on a personal level and sadly enough never get to realize a glimpse of what they miss out on. It is available to have a personal relationship with God but it has to be on His terms which we learn through the truth of His Word, The Word of God rightly divided, the Word of Truth. That begins with reading the Holy Bible.

It's this Word that makes known Jesus Christ who... in turn makes known God. (My God. The creator of the heavens and earth. The father of my saviour Jesus Christ.) It's this Jesus who by his own free will offered the giving of his own blood to be THE Passover, by his believing of who he was... THE son of God and proved it through his works and issued in this administration in which we live today. Old Testament believers had glimpses of what was coming as some aspects of the Grace Administration are recorded in the Old Testament. Even the angels desired to look into this mystery ages ago but failed to discover what would become available to God's people because the details of this Grace Administration were hidden away in God before creation itself took place. (For the most part it is still a Mystery today!) Be patient as a student of the scriptures. When it comes to truth, time is not of the essence. Staying true to the biblical research principles is primary. You know, Jesus is our supreme example in the scriptures of how to trust in God. There's much learning in how he dealt with life's situations. You'll find a few of these examples in the post In God We Trust.

The encouragement found within II Timothy 2:15 God has for His people makes it pretty plain. "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." It doesn't say by what date and time you have to know everything! Don't assume you know because of what's been handed down for who knows how many generations. Learn to read God's Word for yourself. Let it speak for itself. See for yourself deeper truths that are only unveiled to His faithful, those that work the Word rightly dividing it, those that base their believing on the Truth, energizing love... living the mystery!

You might read the following post (Perceptions) to further your understanding of the situation we, God's people, are in. It's why He gave us His Word!

We can't help it. We really can't! We humans live in a physical world that can only be experienced by one or more of the 5 senses our bodies (as well as many other life forms) are designed with. It is through our senses...  Read more

The whole effort of is to make the Truth of God's rightly divided Word available to HIs people. And to offer anyone  another way of looking at "The Holy Bible". Not as a book of unknowns, contradictions or just another reference but to show that it is the only reference for Truth for those tired of bumping through life feeling blindfolded. With the observation of this life weighed on the scales of Truth in many of these posts it is my heart that you, a son or daughter of the true God may walk in the greatness of His glory! Manifested in your life! To assist you in you deepening your understanding of the spiritual realities of life. Again, come back to this page and reread it once in a while. If a story hits your heart come back to it again later. Don't just read for entertainment. Read for understanding. And if you'd like to get something similar to this page on Word format please feel free to email my your request for it to If you're in the east Tennessee area and what to get involved with us in learning and ministering drop me a line. If you're outside the east Tennessee area but would like to contact someone in your area with this grass roots "organic" ministry let me know and I'll see what I can do for you. 

You've heard the expression, "God works in mysterious ways?" They're only mysterious to those that don't know the Truth of The Word! Just as in a court in the physical realm, ignorance is not going to be any excuse at the judgments of the future when God holds court for those that have refused Him. I sure am glad I won't be standing trial!!! I'll probably be too busy to even observe that whole thing.  I plan on  being out back somewhere checking out what my new spiritual body can really do!

About the Scriptural Sharing Entries on The Stump
Unless otherwise stated, all scripture reference quoted here is King James Version (KJV).  I believe this version should seriously be considered the main text for continuous reading and study. Don't be concerned about the old English used. You will grow accustomed to it. There are many benefits to using the KJV... too many to mention here. But! Here's a coupl'a reasons you may not know! Ever notice italicized words in the KJV? That's so the reader knows the translator added that word. And should be considered void of authority. Chapters, verses and punctuation were added by man. Again... Void of authority. Also. Sometimes clicking on a picture will take you to a verse or section of verses.

For an example of how this all works together see...
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