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Budget Battle?
(This post is speakin' to my fellow Americans although I pray any of our oversees friends that see us slipping as a nation and read this... take heart! There are those among the American people that are not as lazy and ignorant as we may be portrayed as in your press! There is a love for country and freedom here! This post is proof of that!) Our federal "budget battle." The way the media describes this ...read more  

You ever get a FWD:, FWD:, FWD: email? Some call them junk emails, spam,... I call them “spamnables.” Of course you have. Well… if you’ve had an email account for more than a day you have. Sometimes they’re jokes. Sometimes they communicate affection; sometimes they’re just damn cute! And then there’s the one’s that try to control you either by shame or fear to accept what they are saying as true and... if that’s not bad enough… pass it on to all your friends and expose their minds to it. As soon as ...read more

A Look To The Heavens
I’ve enjoyed observing the night sky since a rather early age. There’s nothing like looking up into the vastness of space and realizing how small you really are. I’ve heard many express that in comparison of planet Earth it's as being a grain of sand on the beach. Which in the literal, physical, universal sense is true. Within the confines of the cosmos I'm not sure if our planet isn't comparatively ...read more    

I know what I share here isn't all inclusive to the whole human race but it sure seems like there's more than an handful of people that... shall we say... aggravate those of us that are continuously putting forth the effort to improve ourselves. I've noticed a few things about humans. A few things that... well, they just don't make sense to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about freedom and free-will but that comes with responsibility. Is it just me or does it seem the more humans pop up, the more they just don't care?  Maybe that's the reason that some people leave me scratchin' my head. Allow me share some of ...read more

I, as I'm sure you are too, am proud to be an American and will always be grateful for the political genius of our nation's founding fathers in their drafting and ratifying the Declaration of Independence and thus giving the United States of America its birth. Although the U.S. may not have a stellar history in its expansion, we have many reasons for claiming "I am proud to be an American!" and in our heritage as Americans. Regardless of what the push towards socialism since the early ...read more

The Date: June 7, 1776

The Place: Pennsylvania State House 
                 Later to be known as Independence Hall

The Event: Second Continental Congress Is In Session

The Purpose Of The Event: The Call For Independence ...read more

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You Havin' A Bad Day On Your Job?!
This is one of them emails circulatin' around the world on the web. One of them FWD: FWD:FWD: things I hate so much.  Is it accurate? Really bad for that fella if it was but the story tells a point. Havin' a bad day at work? Can't be as bad as this story or pictures I put up. The grass is always greener on the other side but sometimes? The manure stall's over there too! ...read more

Photographs. An amazing invention really. Putting an image of a frozen moment on something concrete, that we can handle, that we can display. A facsimile of people, places, things. I’m sure our homes all have this one thing in common; when it comes to pictures we have more photographs or prints of loved ones more than anything else. Age doesn’t matter here. From the bare bottom babies to the ol’ timers sitting in their favorite recliners. The occasion doesn’t ...read more   

Roadside Death Markers
We've all seen them I'm sure. Particularly in the southern U.S. where many believe it began. That which looks to be a grave marker on the side of the road. Roadside death markers. Usually a cross. Sometimes flowers. Sometimes a little sign. Or a teddy bear or bicycle even.  It has become so popular there are business'  offering design and/or construction of them. The origin of roadside death markers can be traced back to ancient ...read more

Another Day!
The sun comes up. The sun goes down. Depending on your situation either can be good, bad, exciting, depressing, a life changing event or just another daily occurrence. It either takes too long, doesn’t last long enough or missed all together. One thing’s for sure. Until we’re given further notice, it will happen on a daily basis!
Don’t you love those days when everything seems to be firing on all cylinders? You know, when absolutely nothing is ...read more

Oh I'm Glad I'm Not A Dem-o-cra-tic Weeeeiner
Anthony D. Wiener. Giving us another reason why Americans have little confidence in politicians. Its bad enough the guy's a congressman sending inappropriate pics of hisself to what he's assumed from the start was women, but the guy's married. Married to a woman a little less than a year and carrying her first baby! That's what gets to me! If he doesn't have the natural concern what this behaviour would do to his wife, how can he say ...read more

First Jump On The Stump!
I have been looking forward to kicking off this blog for some time now. I've gone through a couple of hard years that postponed the inevitable. But here I am and here it is! I do look forward to meeting some (intelligent) folks through this experience!

Here we go... First jump on the stump!
May Day will take on a whole new meaning in the U.S. The day President ...read more


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