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This Page Is Outdated.
Facebook removed their comment app from my blog.
I'm shadow banned on that platform.
I'm banned on Twitter & Youtube. 

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share the lovePosting comments on this site is encouraged and welcomed to everyone! Especially those of you in God's household trained properly in the scriptures. ;)  People need to know what you know! Your knowledge of God's Word in your thoughts expressed in love on this site has the potential to bless folks around the world! And when shared properly just may benefit someone seriously searching. And edify someone's growing.

To those of you that have genuine questions and a desire to know something on the subject matter please feel free to post your question in a comment on that post. If you use the facebook interface you shouldn't have any trouble if you know how to use facebook. If you don't want your comment going out on your network please remember to uncheck the "Also post on Facebook" box. If you don't use Facebook you can still use the fb app by logging in with your Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail service. Simply click on the "Comment As" button below the editor ("Add a comment" box) for the drop down choices.

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I and my team of admins will do our best to address all questions. It may be as easy as referring someone to a page on this site. Look around this site some. Visit the Scriptural Sharings Entries page for offerings towards your spiritual edification. A/C grads (and you know who you are!) are welcome to assist in this endeavor of addressing questions that may come up on posts if you see one on a post you've just read. This site's got some dunamis to produce some kratos all over the world. With the help of some household this truly can be a wonderful resource in this wilderness we all call the "world wide web" for helping those wanting what we have! This page gets more hits than any other static page. And yet very little participation. Right now comments will post as soon you post them. At times comments are moderated as trolls seem to come in packs. The Facebook Stump page's admins will approve and post the comments as they come up when we're in "moderation mode." There is a bit of a time delay in a comment posting and our receiving notification on fb. If you happen to revisit a page feel free to comment if you'd like to regardless of how old the post is or the time since the original question was asked. There are new folks visiting here quite often for the first time. I can see how this interaction has the capability to bless people around the world but also across time. And God's Word is timeless anyways, so...! Comments on the posts and answers offered by seasoned disciples to questions asked don't need to be exhaustive. Be specific in your wording. Take your time. In commenting just put your heart into it. To offer answers to questions give enough to help and make the impression that answers are available through God's Word. We're willing to bump them in the right direction but it's up to them to get and stay on the right path. And we will not get drawn into "endless questions" and/or anything that promotes strife. Those questions/threads just might disappear! This here's a good song concernin' them trolls. Don't let them bug ya when they cross your path. :)

I should tell you also. I don't like the idea of unanimous posts. I've tried it and we got too much garbage. There's too many cowards/trolls out there getting off on causing mischief and I refuse to participate in that. 'sides... I'd really like to know who you are! I don't mind you plugging your website but if I find it offensive or distasteful it won't be posted. If you'd like to leave a comment please use the facebook comment editor or your registered online identity through the facebook app at the bottom of each post. Right below where it says
Encouraging Comments Only Please.

All I ask is everybody keep your comments as I refer to as "gramma friendly"... ya dig?! Comments well thought out and a blessing to others are most appreciated. Please keep in mind this site has an international audience. From all over the world. We are examples of genuine disciples first, and then as Americans to those outside our borders. Keep it precise. Keep it simple. Keep it bold! And most of all. Keep it respectful. Try not to be in a hurry with a comment, question or a reply. Put some thought into it. Let's keep it real.

The chart to the left is a snapshot of some of the tracking for this site and indicates the top ten nation visits to this site. No it's not burning up the internet but it's attracting attention in pockets around the world. China was really coming on strong until their government put the brakes on what those citizens are allowed to access on the interweb. The commie bastards!
(Oops. Sorry. My jarhead mentality jumped me.)

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A/C Grads: I have room available for another editor or two on the facebook page for this blog to post content on the fb page. Scriptural, Constitutional, health, web related, quotes, astronomical, off-beat and fun content is what we endeavour to provide. (And we have fun with raccoons!) A time may come up to assist in moderating comment posts on this site (if I need a break and when we're in "moderating mode")as well.If you haven't already liked or seen on facebook check it out. (There's always a tab linked to us at the top of every page.)If you think you could help us take it up a notch please message me from there.

If you have a desire to write and get published but need some experience I would be willing to consider having you as an author on this site. You would be credited of course. With your own landing page on the site. If possible I might want to edit a post occasionally just a bit for search engine optimization but otherwise will be word for word how you write. I may have some suggestions for you in your work but it's always offered in love and up to you if want to consider them. A coach if you will. This is a volunteer arrangement. is not a money generating effort. Any donations go towards what I can do for maintaining and promoting this site. If interested and would like to discuss further email me at and I will get back to you.

I do appreciate A/C grads visiting this site, commenting and/or willing to help with addressing any question(s) that may come up in comments. We could have a lot of fun here and/or on facebook blessing each other... and... followers from around the world. (We have a few international followers on facebook as well.) Who knows? Ya just might gain access to someone you can really help! Or "just happen" to run across someone in your local area from this effort that's been searching that you could invite to fellowship. Or know someone in the area of the one searching you could refer to the searcher. It's all about making available to those that genuinely want to know the greatest thing going! The Rightly Divided Word Of God!!!

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth;
it shall not return unto me void
but it shall accomplish that which I please
and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.
Isaiah 55:11 (KJV)
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easy to understand bible study
It's not available to post comments on the static pages. (The pages listed directly below the header banner of each page. Like this one.)

The purpose of this blog is to make available on the web an offering of God's Word rightly divided. Another tool to assist God's people in their spiritual growth. As well as a resource for someone searching for truth to have something to "stumble" upon. God's Word is God's Will. Many of His people in the world are searching for answers that only He provides. And some don't even know it yet! This blog is about helping people. Keep that in mind when you would like to comment on a post. All things with loving intent in the effort to edifying the Body of Christ. Peaceable and easy to entreat. Inviting. Meek to The Word. Ya dig?! :) 

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