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The main benefit of studying the scriptures is in that as we read, research and learn of what God speaks of through His Word, our believing in what He is communication to us builds. As our believing builds so does our trust in Him. Our more

It seems you see it on the news following every tragedy. Good-hearted folks, suffering loss and perhaps in a level of shock and disbelief waling to the reporter they don't know why God did this to them. Or, God is perfecting them through trials. Or on the death of a loved one that "God needed another angel in heaven." Good-hearted people... considering themselves "Christians" ... read more

Of all the holidays Christians celebrate in our time I stand in amazement of how well the god of this world has been so successful at blinding God's people on what is truly the most spectacular event to happen to man since paradise. (Granted he's had a coupl'a thousand years to cover it up but make no doubt. For the most part he... the god of this world has been very successful.) No, it's not Passover more

When you were born into this world more than likely you were born into a family. And being such you instantly gained rights by the law of the nation you were born into. If that nation is a charter member of the United Nations there's even more, including the right to play. more

The integrity of God's Word. What does that mean? What does it matter? Perhaps an oxymoron for most, (you know... like jumbo shrimp, government intelligence?!)  but I do believe the indoctrination of the religions/denominations we've all been exposed since birth vexes those of us wanting to have a true relationship with  God. ... read more

Is it... or is it not that spring is the most anticipated season of the four? Winter's frozen grip is slowly released as the days grow longer and the sun elevates in the sky. No doubt our crave for warmth rooted deep within us genetically from our primal past. Is there anything better than being on a sun drenched beach, hearing the crashing of the surf, bathed in sunlight?! ... read more

Death. Is there anything that's been more feared by men and women through out all time? All we really know about it from our perception is that up to this point, it happens to everything that survives birth, spawn or germination. It seems a tragedy that there has to be a final end to anything with life... And to look at it from a human point of view... especially us! These bodies we've got come designed with the best brain "evolved" and are just way cool! (It does seem something's missing though. Hmm....) more

Biblical Research Principles

This page posted (as a static page, below the header) to give my readers a foundation toward understanding how I've framed my thoughts with the Scriptures as THE foundation. Don't expect to take all this in at one time or understand exactly how it works right away. Why? It takes time to "retrain" your brain. But the more you learn these principals and apply them in your personal study the easier it does become. And these just scratch the surface! Your goal, as a disciple of Jesus Christ is to renew your mind, change your thinking to Truth (this is what repentance is),  thereby transforming yourself into a child of God pleasing your Father and allowing yourself to be in a position that the God that created the heavens and earth may bless you abundantly!

Faith - Hope - Love
Any one raised with or near any of the different flavors of "Christianity" available today has at one time or another come across this concept. Faith, love, hope. I Corinthians 13:13. Many a believer's favorite verse too. And for good reason! These three individual aspects of life combined with an accurate knowledge of the scriptures and applied in proper context makes available ... read more

It happens annually. An old year departs, a new year begins. Resolutions are made, the New Years glasses are sported, the champagne flows, lips get puckered up, the ball drops and we get mindful of the year past. A time to remember the news events and the celebrities that died the previous year. A time to recall our own successes and failures as well as those we care about. And although we wish each other more

Thanksgiving Day. Many an American's favorite holiday of the year. It's thought its roots are in thankfulness to one's god for abundance received and it is truly perceived to be the only Christian American holiday we have in our American culture. Truth is... the festivities at the time was an observance brought from Europe and has actually been seen in many cultures through time as a celebration of bringing in the foods and stores in preparing for the oncoming winter. One can see how the local county fairs across America could share these same roots. Just as you don't need to be American to more

Agape. Such A Love As This!
Do you know how to love someone? Do you really know? We all know human, or natural love but natural love falls short for that which you and I really need to sustain us through this life. Natural love seems to need categorized by more

Service Please!
Service. There seems to be no standard for us to get like minded on it. Unless it's the one thing we've all heard from an early age, "Just do what you're told." We all have our own perception of it. Service means different things to different people normally dictated by what their personal need is at the has 15 variations of the noun in its thesaurus, 3 of the verb. Our English word tracks back to the latin servitum (slavery), from servus (slave).  The general concept of all these definitions do have one thing in common. To serve is to give. In our lives today more

We can't help it. We really can't! We humans live in a physical world that can only be experienced by one or more of the 5 senses our bodies (as well as many other life forms) are designed with. It is through more