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Here we are. Just on the down side of winter. The middle of February. February. The shortest, yet longest month of the year for us sunshine addicts. Longer darkness for the day than sunlight. Or… should it be looked at as “on the up side” being as we’re soooo close to spring once we get past this month?! This is when that feared “cabin fever” phenomenon starts picking its victims ya know. ... read more

There's been an approaching storm warning out all day. The weather has been unseasonable for weeks. Forecasters are predicting one of the worse storms in a generation but you've been so busy you haven't heard. You're headed home in a hard wind and darkening skies attempting to beat the spouse and kids home at the end of the day when you turn on the radio and hear there's a tornado warning issued for your county. That two twisters have touched down, one near your kids' school. The sky turns black and a sudden hail begins to pelt your car. You pull over and reach ... read more

You’ve heard of Christmas in July? I was wondering the other day why doesn’t anyone do an Independence Day in January?! How 'bout we  give it a try! We could dress up as patriotic snow people, or Uncle Sam even! The common greeting on this day could be... "Happy Julanury 4th!" Nah... that dudn't sound right. How about God Bless America Day? The day's greeting would be "God Bless America! And  ...read more

Thanksgiving Day. Many an American's favorite holiday of the year. It's thought its roots are in thankfulness to one's god for abundance received and it is truly perceived to be the only Christian American holiday we have in our American culture. Truth is... the festivities at the time was an observance brought from Europe and has actually been seen in many cultures through time as a celebration of bringing in the foods and stores in preparing for the oncoming winter. One can see how the local county fairs across America could share these same roots. Just as you don't need to be American to ...read more

It's all videos featuring the all the branches
of the U.S. Armed Forces in action scanning different conflicts

The Marine Corps Birthday
Well America. November 10 always marks the birthday of your United States Marine Corps. There is a rich history left behind from each generation of leathernecks and devil dogs and jarheads. Here's a few things you might like to know about your Marine Corps. A resolution drafted by a Continental Congress committee in Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, PA passes on November 10, 1775The proprietor of Tun Tavern was Robert Mullan. This resolution called for the raising of two battalions ...read more

If any fable could sum up what folly unwarranted fears given too much attention can do it's the story of Chicken Little. Good intentions I suppose but a lesson there to be learned for sure. Unless the effort is based on reality any good intention is pointless. Like catching a 40 yard touchdown pass out of bounds. A lot of wasted exertion and effort for something profitless. If not... as the story goes, to one's doom. Not familiar with the story? It goes like this ...read more

WorldNetDaily.com has been tracking a story for a few years that should be given some notice. It seems to have begun in the spring of 2009 in San Diego, CA, reached out to Gilbert, AZ  in late winter 2010 and has spread recently to San Juan Capistrano, CA. A story that can boggle your mind on how a local ordinance could be passed that violates at least two basic liberties guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. A story that just seems so stupid it ...read more

Have you signed up for Hillsdale's online not-for-credit lectures? A great, free resource for discovering and learning some untaught history of the United States of America. Lectures given by professors at the college include...
Introduction to the Constitution - Constitution 101 & 201 - History 101: Western Heritage, From the Book of Genesis to John Locke and more! Did I mention? They're free! Register by  clicking here or on the pic. For more information see Hillsdale College.

All this talk recently leading up to today, the 10 year anniversary of the attacks on the people of the United States of America by  Islamic extremist terrorists got me to ponder a few things. Honestly?... I think it's gotten me down some! You can't help but feel at least a twinge of the pain upon recalling the travesty forced upon all civilized people... some more than ...read more

As American holidays go?... Labor Day has a uniqueness all its own. Not as American as Americans may think. Known as "May Day" in socialist and communist countries, this observance of man's works is quite popular among mostly Caucasian populated nations through out eastern Europe. Termed May Day in Europe, Labour Day in Canada. A recognition and celebration of man's accomplishments. Of what the hands of men and women have built and done individually and as a team, union or nation. Labor Day USA 2011. The 129th time Americans have a patting of ourselves on the back for what we would'a done anyways! Considering of course in this day and time... if ya've...read more

Let's take a look at separation of church and state shall we? One of the brilliant beams of genius in the drafting of the U.S. Constitution's first amendment. And not only in the first amendment but in the very first sentence of the first amendment. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or  ...read more    

Aircraft Carriers, Reptiles, Dogged Tomatoes Plus...
I have a few things for you here. Just some interesting things I've come across this week. And! I've been wanting to share an older story of mine with ya'll. My first published story in a small bedroom community newspaper I wrote for in 2006 I believe. You'll find Dogged Tomatoes at the bottom of this post. First ...read more

A Red Dawn?
Remember the "Red Dawn" movie? The 1984 flick about the U.S. being invaded by Soviet Union and Cuban forces splitting the country in half? Staring Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen and Lei Thompson? There's a Red Dawn new version coming out supposedly this year with The Chinese replacing the Soviets as the invaders but there's also a coupl'a curious things going around the web and peoples' minds the last few years concerning a modern day real life "Red Dawn" scenario in the making as you read this.  Maybe you've heard at least one of three ...read more


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